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These numbers are part of a numbering system used by upholstery suppliers and do not correspond to any identifier used by the vehicle manufacturer. Vinyl is about the same price as cloth, but it's more durable and easier to clean. With seat heaters glued into the foam, that wasn't an option. This is an extreme example of what happens when a driver leans into the seat back while exiting. Who knows, maybe the seat repair elves will magically appear in the dead of night and have at it.   How To Fix A Broken Back Seat You don't have to be a mechanic to spot what's wrong with this Nissan Titan truck seat. DexDamp Auto Soundproofing New Padding & Carpeting Car Carpet Set & Soundproofing Car Seat Reupholstered Spare Tire & Rear Ready For Action You'd be amazed at the improvement a little inexpensive soundproofing can make in a noisy, older vehicle such as a Jeep Commando. Doing it right requires superb craftsmanship, years of experience, and a thorough knowledge of fabrics. After fixing the foam, we custom-cut and installed new upholstery for much less than the dealer would have charged. What would have been a simple vinyl repair is now a big, expensive production. Dense, high compression rebond foam replaces the foam we took out.   Building Seats For The Big Boys Americans are bigger than ever. Most of the vinyl seat cover was too far gone and had to be reconstructed. Nice work!   Boom Truck Seat Repair Like all construction vehicles, a boom truck is built to take years of on-the-job abuse. Feel secure in knowing that we have years of experience repairing high end furniture.

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The materials are “old” because they have often been made the year before the issue of the vehicle. The soundproofing and carpet turned out great! Best of all, this vintage Jeep Commando looks the same as it did before the work; something a car collector truly appreciates Previous Next Keep up with the latest projects, offerings and services at Seatco Get to know our staff, our expertise, and the people behind the quality services we provide. The power tilt motor is bolted to heavy gauge support brackets on the lefthand side of the backrest frame. A detailed, close-up photograph of the seat sent by the customer. Quality is why Mac's Upholstery is Seattle's favorite. The first thing to go bad is often the upholstery inside the cabin; vinyl seat covers fade and tear, springs rust, foam shrinks.

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Just as important, it should also last even longer than the original. Sliced Seat Foam Truck Bench Seat Repair Instead of replacing the damaged foam - which eventually would've ripped or collapsed again - we wedged a protective layer of heavy-duty carpet padding between the frame and foam. NOS material from Original Auto Interiors will wear as well as the fabric on the original seat frames. The center section is also covered with a layer of rebond, then the seat is carefully sanded and steamed to restore its original shape. Mercedes repair marietta. The damaged section of leather was still in decent shape, so we used it to pattern the replacement piece. The new leather wasn't a perfect match, but it was close enough for him. It's unlikely the driver will change the way he exits the truck, so in addition to repairing the damage we need to prevent it from happening again. Auto repair terre haute. Mercedes key repair. It's a simple fix - strip the seat, weld the brackets to the frame, then put everything back together. Facebook Google+ Seatco provides high-quality automotive upholstery repair, restoration, and installation services and we also do exterior work like sunroofs, convertible tops and vinyl roof replacements Nothing shows the age of your car like unsightly cuts, scratches, and discolorations in your car's interior. Instead of trimming the top, we flipped the seats and removed the bad foam from the bottom of the cushion. As the final pic shows, the seat looks good as new. Foam Repair Sealed In Burlap Steaming Out Wrinkles In New Vinyl Durable Vinyl Upholstery We repair damaged truck seats all the time, but some companies don't wait for seats to go bad. It's hard to improve on a classic, but after repairing one of the leather seats, we suggested soundproofing, new door panels and a carpet upgrade. With the soundproofing in place, we topped it off with heavy duty carpeting. We can fix your: • Leather or vinyl sofas • Chairs • Recliners • Any leather or vinyl furniture Call with any questions! There is never a service charge! more. When the upholstery tears, it's only a matter of time before the foam padding gets ripped to shreds. After blanketing the floor with silver Dexdamp sound dampening panels, we added a sheet of polyurethane, then covered the two layers in jute padding.

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After stripping off the old fabric we discovered significant damage to both the seat back and side bolster. He also got a seat that's sturdy, fits right and feels great. The scrim not only anchors the stitching, it softens the seat without sacrificing support.   Mitsubishi Montero Seat Repair Mac's automotive shop does a lot more than fabricate foam cushions and install truck seat covers. To protect the back from further damage we double-wrapped the polyurethane foam in rugged burlap and jute. The sample will include pattern direction, price, and fabric width. Brackets on the other side are not as sturdy; they don't need to anchor the additional weight. The owner wanted the seats raised slightly so we cut the foam a little thicker, glued it down, then reinforced the sides with rebond and a softer foam. Often upholstery shops have access to these books, and by conferring with your upholstery person; it may not be necessary to send a sample. Using stiff rebond foam and a soft polyurethane, we rebuilt and reshaped the edge to match the opposite side.

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To prevent future damage we wrapped sections of the chair back in burlap cloth and thick jute padding. Honda snowblower repair. Before attaching the seat cover, we drape a thin sheet of scrim over the new seat. If the customer indicates that he/she is interested in a close match in the event that the original was not available, we search for an appropriate approximation of color and pattern, sending samples for approval.

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  Ram Laramie Seat Repair The owner of a Ram Laramie had purchased leather for an earlier upholstery project. These replacement covers look great and fit like a glove. Finally, we upgraded the vinyl fabric to give the seat more of a soft leather feel without sacrificing durability. On the rare occasion when we can't find a seat cover, we have to think outside the box. Twisted Driver's Seat Cracked & Broken Seat Frame Welding Broken Frame Welded & Stiffened After welding the cracked frame and reattaching the horizontal support bar, we fabricated a steel cross brace to stiffen the frame even more. This is a great example of how Mac's Upholstery can save you big money by repairing an individual seat panel unstead of replacing the entire truck seat cover. Getting in and out of the vehicle torks the seatback. Before Truck Seat Repair Collapsed Truck Seat Damaged Cushion Foam Seat Foam Before Repair Broken Seat Frame Building Replacement Seat Cover Reinforced Seat Bed After Truck Seat Rebuild Recover Truck Seat Inspecting the bench seat, our technicians confirmed the damage. It was quite common for the manufacturer to have material left over after a model or interior change, which occurred annually for most of the automakers. But, the cover was a mess and the polyurethane foam cushion had compressed so severely that the seat back hinges were slicing into the foam. After preparing the new piece, we carefully aligned the edges of replacement leather to the old seat cover. Then we installed new foam where it was necessary and salvaged the rest. Durable Seat Covers For Work Trucks   The standard cloth upholstery you find on truck seats isn't always practical. The seat is stronger now than it was rolling off the assembly line. What a mess! The frame was so badly trashed we had to rebuild it. The perfect alignment allowed us to reuse the existing stitch holes. This method is the most common and often necessary for most vinyl materials and very old cloths. Together, they were long enough to get the job done. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a dealership for a new seat or a new seat cover, smart companies call Mac's Upholstery. Damaged Bench Seat Cover New Vinyl & Fabric Precision Stitching Steaming Away Wrinkles After finding the right fabric, we went to work. We could've replaced the seat cover and called it good, but the customer would've been back for additional seat repair in a matter of months. The bolster foam was still intact, so we were able to reattach it without too much trouble. During the repair we discovered shredded foam where the frame rubbed against the padding. While some collectors insist on original parts or authentic looking knock-offs, others like to be creative.

To enhance durability, we replaced the flimsy wire frame seat bed with ¾ inch plywood. Actually, rebuilding the seat is a little more complicated than simply switching the foam. Rebuilt Bench Seat Precision Pleats The Finest Vinyl   Repair Truck Bench Seat When a truck seat starts to disintegrate, it's tempting to put off repairs. It also raises the seat deck to its original level. The truck seat repair added a few dollars to the bill, but it saved the customer time and money long term. To maintain "shape integrity" we only remove weight-bearing blocks of foam on the seat deck.   Reshaping Pickup Seats It's difficult to rebuild a collapsed seat deck when heating pads are embedded in the foam. This may also be an option for the customer looking for an economical material to repair the seats in a daily driver. Aside from the slight color difference, it's hard to tell the seat was repaired at all.

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When we receive a sample from a customer, we identify the fabric and if available, cut a sample from our roll and send it to you along with the original sample. An average person might find the rebuilt seat a little stiff, but for a really big body it's just right.   Matching Stitch Patterns When Recovering Restoring an Isuzu truck seat to showroom standards takes more than a few yards of fabric and a sewing machine. New Cover For Jump Seat Silverado Front Seat Repair After considering a range of options, we sewed the fabrics together - the old passenger seat and the old jump seat. Repairing the seat this way is also much more environmentally friendly than replacing everything. Standard Upholstery Foam Sturdy Rebond Foam Combination Polyurethane & Rebond Foam Since we're reusing the original seat cover, we can't change the shape of the seat cushion. Unfortunately, nobody had a set of OEM-style replacement covers. The passenger seat was in better shape, so the repair was pretty simple

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