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The vehicle must only be driven on sealed tarmacadam or concrete roads. The hirer shall not make any claim against Mindarie Car Hire for any personal injuries, inconvenience or damage or delay or any other matter as a result of vehicle breakdown, mechanical, incidental or accident. The hirer will also be charged with unlawful possession of the vehicle and reported to the police and subject to further action - criminal, civil or otherwise as deemed necessary and lawful should the vehicle not be returned at the end of the agreement.

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EnduroCo™ has invested in Safety, Testing & Government SSM & IPA Certifications. This is a more valuable option if you need to repair your vehicle in short notice with minimal finance available. Driving outside of specified areas renders the hirer to be uninsured and liable for additional costs from Mindarie Car Hire should any accident, damage or breakdown occur to the vehicle. That attention to detail and focus on customer service have made us the preferred mechanics of people across the city. Learner drivers are not permitted to hire or drive. HIRE AND RETURN OF THE VEHICLE The vehicle is hired for the period stated in the hire agreement and no refund is payable for early return or cancellation of the hire. Used Car Part Perth we pride ourselves on our fantastic used parts warranty, great customer service, parts knowledge and fast delivery service to supply you with the best used parts for a range of manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and more.

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The agreement comprises all documents issued to the hirer at the commencement of the hire and its termination. "Costs" includes all costs incurred in respect of this agreement for vehicle towing and legal and debt recovery charges. Additional charges may be levied for any vehicle not returned in this condition.


The hirer limit liability to the excess as stated shall not apply where the hirer has been negligent or found to be in breach of any term, condition or warranty of this agreement. Should this not be possible then a refund of the remainder of the hire will be made. The hirer shall take all reasonable care in driving, parking and handling the vehicle. "Hirer" includes any person or persons who has consented to this agreement by signing of the hire contract. We pride ourselves in using the most advanced and progressive procedures and equipment when it comes to vehicle recycling in an environmentally conscious manner. Furthermore the hirer also authorises Mindarie Car Hire to carry out WA transport authority license validity checks should the need arise and this information may be passed to any relevant authority EnduroCo™ offers unique conversions for Toyota buses, vans and coasters. The vehicle must also not be used to carry any dangerous goods, flammable items or explosive items or items of a corrosive nature. This can quickly result in complete engine failure as described above. Mindarie Car Hire may, in the exercise of its reasonable discretion, terminate your hire of the vehicle and not provide a replacement vehicle after an accident. That does not mean you’ll be paying an arm and a leg. If a technician notices signs of premature wear during an earlier inspection, the timing belt should be replaced early The hirer herby hires the vehicle from Mindarie Car Hire on the following Terms and Conditions and at the rates listed on the hire agreement. This is because the engine can no longer turn synchronously. HINK GREEN! THINK RECYCLE! THINK WAWRECKERS! used auto parts, it reduces the need to manufacture them, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our valued customers, which is what sets us apart from other workshops and spare part suppliers. The vehicle is to be returned in the same condition as received with the exception of fair wear and tear. GENERAL CONDITION AND UPKEEP OF THE VEHICLE The hirer is responsible for general safety checks of the vehicles oil and water on a daily basis and general cleanliness and tidiness of the vehicle. This is a thick, toothed belt that meshes with the crankshaft timing gear and camshaft timing gear. All vehicles supplied with a full fuel tank at commencement of hire. *Any turbo’s not repaired after disassembling and inspecting the turbo will be subject to a handling fee. To find out more, enquire about the conversion kit options available for your vehicle. It is upon reliance on truth of all representations made by the hirer that Mindarie Car Hire has entered into this agreement. All long term hires carry a loss of deposit if returned early. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS AND PAYMENTS The hirer and all drivers are jointly and severally responsible and liable under this agreement. Our dedication to quality is what keeps our customers coming back and has helped to make us one of the most trusted car servicing centres. If you’re looking for a part that we don’t stock, we will happily source it for you. Fuel charges will apply for any vehicle not returned with a full fuel tank. Payment for this damage is to be made in cash or by debit to the hirer's credit card at the time of reporting the incident. We take control from concept to R&D through to production approval.

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Further extensions of the hire may be agreed subject to availability of the vehicle and must be acknowledged by Mindarie Car Hire staff on the hire agreement. For the repair of high quality turbochargers, precision balancing has become an indispensable requirement. Furthermore the hirer authorises Mindarie Car Hire to debit the hirers credit or debit card for any amounts outstanding in respect of this agreement including other costs for debt collection, dishonoured payments and all legal and court fees. The vehicle shall not be driven if it is in any way unsafe or damaged so as to impair its road worthiness. Whether it’s a routine service or a repair, we give your vehicle the attention and expertise it needs to get back on the road The experts at QuickStop know what to look for and what questions to ask. In the event of any accident or claim the hirer shall be liable for all the costs arising from the accident but the excess stated on the agreement shall apply, the stated excesses are relative to each individual accident and / or item of damage to the vehicle. The vehicle is to be returned by the end of the rental agreement during the trading hours of Mindarie Car Hire as notified to the hirer. Mindarie Car Hire is not responsible or liable for the loss or damage to any personal property left in, stolen from or damaged in the vehicle during the hire.

Our new spare parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers in the industry. All particulars stated on the hire agreement document are correct. However, we provide a range of professionally-performed cheap car services that get you back on the road for less If you have a turbocharger that needs repair, deliver the turbocharger to ATP – NOT ON the Car preferably. Our experienced, trained staff take pride in serving you to meet your auto and truck parts needs and customer service expectations. KILOMETRE ALLOWANCES AND INSURED AREAS TO DRIVE The hirer hires the vehicle with an accepted free allowance of kms as stated on the contract and excess kms will be charged at the quoted rate. Christiansburg auto repair.

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Also, when attempting to start the engine, it may sound different than normal. The hirer will not allow the vehicle to be repaired or altered in any way without prior authorisation from Mindarie Car Hire. This may lead to internal engine damage if the engine does not have valve reliefs built into the engine’s pistons. We use only the best parts, full/semi synthetic oil and the most skilled and experienced mechanics. Ensure your vehicle is safe and well-maintained with our disc rotor machining and clutch hydraulics servicing.

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The vehicle must only be driven by the hirer and any other named driver signed and acknowledged on the hire agreement. Fast, speedy delivery! New arrivals daily bringing top quality recycled parts for you. EnduroCo™ specializes in conversions for Toyota commuter buses and coasters. We want to keep helping you with your turbo problems by being able to keep our doors open. The check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard in the event of total failure, and OBD trouble codes for misfires, crankshaft position, and camshaft position will be stored. DRIVING THE VEHICLE The vehicle must not be used to tow any other vehicle, for racing or testing purposes, for the conveyance of passengers for hire or reward or for any illegal purpose or for a purpose other than which it is designed and constructed for. It is held tight by the timing belt tensioner, to ensure the belt is not able to skip a tooth, or “jump time”. We test all used parts before we resell them to ensure you receive a good, value-for-money product. Repairs may only be carried out at Mindarie Car Hire’s authorised list of repair agents. Timing belts have failed before the interval is reached, but most vehicles will never experience this issue. great price that meets quality standards! Advanced Turbo Performance achieved by Dynoing our ATP Gold turbo’s in-house. The hirer shall lock the vehicle at all times when parked and leave in as safe and secure a place as practically possible

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