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If a control arm is worn out, damaged or bent, the vehicle is NOT SAFE to drive. Follow these links: For the US recalls:, have your VIN number ready NHTSA has sent letters to seven automakers, including VW and Tesla, asking which of their models contain Takata airbag inflators with ammonium nitrate propellant. The control arm is the most common part that bends in a collision involving one of the front wheels or after hitting the curb. Often, however, the symptoms might not be noticeable at all. Authentic Suzuki Harmonicas can only be purchased through Authorized Suzuki Music Retailers in the USA. These products carry no warranty, cannot be returned or repaired by SUZUKI MUSIC USA and are most likely counterfeit replicas. The agency is considering a further expansion of the recall WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE SUZUKI HARMONICAS FROM OVERSEA SELLERS! It has come to our attention that counterfeit Suzuki Harmonicas are being offered for sale through oversea sellers. For this reason, the whole control arm is usually replaced if the bushings are worn out.

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Do not purchase Suzuki Harmonicas from an on line seller that indicates, "Shipped from Japan". Worn out or torn control arm bushings is another reason a control arm may need to be replaced.

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Motorcycles & ATV Marine Automotive Parts & Warranty Services Control arms are connected to the frame or body of a car through flexible rubber bushings, called control arm bushings. Our customer service department has recently received phone calls regarding these fake harmonicas.

How to wash car air filter. If it wears out, the front wheel can separate from the lower suspension causing the vehicle to lose control. In some cases, a car may feel unstable and "wander" during braking or when driving over rough surfaces. Please do not fall victim to these illegal sellers of Suzuki Harmonicas. Control arms have a very important role holding both front wheels on the road. In the photo above, the ball joint has separated while driving, although the owner was lucky that it happened at slow speed.

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This is one of the reasons why it is important to have your vehicle inspected at least once a year in a repair shop by a skilled mechanic with the vehicle lifted on a hoist. If this had happened on the highway, the outcome could have been much worse.

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In others, a ball joint comes with a control arm as one piece. Auto repair shops moreno valley ca.

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Auto screen repair. In some cars, a ball joint is bolted to or pressed into the control arm and can be replaced separately. Control arm problems This ball joint has separated while driving There are a few reasons why a control arm may need to be replaced. Unfortunately, these products cannot be returned, warrantied or serviced by Suzuki Music USA. In some cars, control arm bushings can be replaced separately, but it involves more labor and could cost more. Newport news auto repair. This allows a control arm to swing up and down as front wheels roll over bumps and potholes. A worn out ball joint that cannot be replaced separately is probably the most common reason

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