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The second one also got a complete check up as well.he replaced suspension parts and a rusted radiator, hoses etc.

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Even though they charged for the labor and the tube, they did not replace it. I wish this shop was closer to my home so I could make ti my regular maintenance and repair stop. Also I found his shop is on the high end of prices. The whole pile of pipes rusted out and I needed it replaced with a California approved catalytic converter. He serves the rich and famous but also cares about the common man. He included me in the process, calling me to give me updates, and asked me what I'd like done with various issues. That way that particular mechanic knows that customers car inside and out. When we got back in the car ready to go and geared up Honey wouldn't start, NOTHING. we finally found a guy in long beach who specialized in vintage vw parts and headed for his shop. They have replaced the A/C compressor, valve cover, fixed an electrical gremlin, and done routime maintenance. They have installed Bilstein shocks, which required follow-up attention. Once I finally was on my way home, not only did it overheat do to poor routing of the intercooler and exhaust, but I got stranded in Bakersfield because they left a gas filter in line with my diesel filter and it stopped when it clogged.

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Made it to Santa Cruz, called a couple shops, one said it was the starter over the phone and I started worrying about the cost to fix. Jean-Claude had me bring her in to have a look and check out a few things and ran some test. I have been going there for years and now the service and prices are the best they have been with this new manager. When I left my brakes worked properly and the wheel wasn't pulling to the right. I definitely paid a 'premium' rate for this last minute service, but these guys were very competent and competent with all the Vanagon quirks. More importantly he knew what I didn't need and was very clear in his advice on that. Precision People's is reasonably priced for the Bay Area. He also tried to diagnose the "Syndrome", but of course it would not do the problem for him when he drove it. Mike guessed right, it was both CV joints that needed replacement. you have to pass the railroad tracks and go down oakley st to century st I think there's a map on his website What an awesome shop.

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He told me repairs I may want to have done in the future but didn't try to hard sell me, or even sell me at all on them, just simply said these tend to go out around this time and think about getting it done in the near future. I highly recommend Bela to anyone who is looking for an excellent mechanic and staff. Well, so I kept the cover, looks nice, but showed me that next time I could be the one missing something from my car. I was DELIGHTED in having the work done by Drew and his crew at Avant Werks. Well Steve forgot to reattach the overflow hose as pretty quickly my van started spewing gas all over the ground. They can work on tiico's but I don't think they've done tiico conversions. They did it right away, but the headlight was put back in a slightly crooked way and looked badly placed. He explains all needed repairs and then does them correctly and on time. Just did the water pump, timing belt, complete tuneup for the Audi all with FPS parts. And Mike has worked on my girlfriend's Euro as well. I finally just took the boxes down to Peter and now my list of "things to do" is extremely short. Also, he's truly a nice guy -- getting a repair done at his shop was like attending a class. I also asked them to fix a ripple/air bubble under the black material between the windows. Pete's name was given to me by a VW guru as a that's where I would take my vdub if anyone was to ever work on it other than me. He did the repairs within a day and for a very reasonable price. San Diego Westy has quality customer service and is responsive. Only shop in San Diego that works exclusively on Vans. You get what you pay for, and when money counts, Europro makes you feel good about the effort and the result. I had them install a driveline decoupler and was a little frustrated with their insistence on supplying their own parts but when I priced it out, they matched what I would have got the parts for online. If you seek excellence take you Westy to Peter Adams, San Diego Westy. Have had great experiences at this shop with my EVC. They also have lots of used parts available and will usually work with you if you are on a budget. He even suggested that they weren't blowing much better now. I took the car back to Larryz AGAIN and was told "it's fine." On a second trip to my friend's shop, he showed me exactly how the boot is twisted, which is plain to see. The first time you bring them a car, they do a pretty thorough inspection, and give you a list of everything that is malfunctioning, preparing to malfunction, or wearing out. There is not another shop in town I would rather take our Jetta to. He had the o-ring in stock and fixed my van that day when I was snowboarding. He is quite the character, and we felt comfortable with him immediately. Will refer any Air-cooled Bus or Eurovan calls to other San Diego shops.

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His show is always busy so it's best to not need your van back pronto when making an appointment. well, i brought it in to chris and he fixed every problem i had. He over charged me and did not fix the problem and only masked it. I made it up and in the morning called my mechanic back home about it. Whatever you want done, whether conversion related, any repair work, or just upgrades. Osvaldo quickly found the problem was that the fuel hoses had many holes and needed to be replaced. They apparently were careless in lifting the EVC up and did some damages. That was great to hear and really easy on the wallet. If anything goes wrong they get me in and out, usually in one day and they always call with updates. Auto body repair estimate software free. We were heading down to the So Cal deserts when the trany input shaft seal started leaking. If you are looking for Vanagon, VW and Porsche repairs, give him a call. I called my local shop in San Jose where the Eurovan had just been serviced, and then Mike took charge of sorting everything out with my local shop who would cover the repair. Once the transmission was delivered to the shop I had van back in just a couple of days. I'm happy that I've found a competent and honest shop to take my van to. His competence and raw experience in this realm is without question and you will only benefit from it. I was thankful to find a shop on the road that fixed the issue for good, and taught me a TON about my van. He has offered assistance to me should I need some technical advice and has already come through with that promise. Not only did he work on getting the engine installed, he would not let me go until he checked out the rest of the mechanics to make sure the rest of my trip would go smoothly. He provides excellent repair service and a short turnaround time on repairs. A good stopping point if you are visiting the area and need a hand with your Westy, or are a permanent resident in need of a good mechanic. As I was changing alternators, I found that, under the shrink tubing, the wire for the alternator light had broken -- apparently the truck ride to Vegas rattled it apart. Now that his son runs the shop, it is definately not the same shop. It turned out that I also needed to have my pistons replaced also because one of them was burned. As is the case with doing a lot of work on an old vehicle, there are unexpected issues that arise, and Stephan was very dynamic in adapting to make it all work. I'm so impressed by his unwillingness to prey on my deer-in-the-headlights naivete and auto-mechanic ignorance, that he's won me over for good. Their air cooled mechanic left, and they pick and choose which aircooled vehicles they work on. I was having trouble locating anyone who would help, so called GoWesty to find out if they had a reference in the area. They were glad no one was hurt, but then laughed and said something to the effect of "sometimes it's those easy things that get'cha.guess we should have looked it over before letting you take it, but it's a saturday and we were getting ready to go home." Nice.

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I was told there was no compression in one cylinder so the engine had to be replaced. Since the part they received was not right, they finally got the right part and Stephan and his friend personally delivered my Syncro and I did not have to drive all the way back to pick it up. Outstanding individual and very giving of his time and expertise, especially when he knows I live in another State and he is not getting the benefit of doing the work on my vehicle, even when giving me free advice over the phone.

Fred's is far from my SF home, but the reliable service is worth the trek back and forth. I took my car to my honest mechanic, Cory to remove the front tire. The best you can hope for with a conversion is for whomever installed it to stand behind it and they did. You tell me when another mechanic does that and I'll start going to them. New brunswick auto repair. I told them what the problem was, and went back home to Oregon

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