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Great diagnostics and get in touch with me quickly with any problem with my car and prioritize what needs to be fixed immediately for my safety and what can be attended to at later date which helps me budget. They did the job well, and in record time." from Port Hueneme, CA, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Fast, courteous and fair." on : "Fairview Auto Care has an excellent reputation for honest, reliable, and affordable service. And everybody was very friendly even though it was my first time there." from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Excellent. I am now a customer for life." on : "West Broward Auto Repair's quality of work and customer service is outstanding and second to none Experienced mechanics that will take great care of you and your car. Almost all long-term consultants have customers who will report a bad experience - I have a few - and sometimes these will be your fault. By creating a class to each item, you can make that Home Depot receipt go where it belongs: Description Category/class Home Depot -- light bulbs for kitchen Home Repair/personal Home Depot -- light bulbs for the office Home Repair/business One account, one receipt, two purposes.

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If you're seen as holding back or trying to create a device for extra billing, the customer often feels like you're trying to manufacture job security: this never engenders good feelings. Consulting maxim: You have no job security, even if you think you do Consultants - even consultants - are often considered a necessary evil by customers who use them, and it's exceptionally easy to stop using one. and provide GREAT customer service! The attendant noticed that my wiper blades needed to be replaced and when I said that I had some at home, he told me that if I brought them by, he'd put them on for me. This creates an incentive to take more work than you can handle on the assumption that it might not be there in the future. I have & will continue to recommend them to friends & family." from Springfield, NJ, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair service, on : "They were quick and honest about what I needed. Sometimes customers do ask, and it must be met with immediate, full disclosure. This gets you paid sooner and gives the customer The Warm Fuzzy Feeling™. Also fiberglass and steel body parts for almost all foreign and domestic cars. Received a phone call from them just after contacting AAA for a tow. I use a new file every year, and file all receipts - for whatever purpose - alphabetically by vendor. The owner John and his staff always perform a thourough evaluation of your car. Promotion and Advertising I've never done any explicit advertising or promotion: no Yellow Page ads, business card on bulletin boards, etc. This is a comprehensive bolt-together kit that produces a hot rod with great ride & drive characteristics. My customers positively hate this - it's expensive and an enormous distraction - but they have to play in the same game as their competitors. I had a burnt out tail light and my wiper blades are horrible and they didn't recommend anything. on : "Service and employees were supremely helpful and test was very prompt!" from Santa Barbara, CA, whose was in for a smog check, on : "I would tell them that the staff is always courteous and helpful." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Recommended" Christopher M. You will be expected to produce an article of so many words, and this number is chosen by the publisher based on how much space he has in the issue in question. Not like some other chains which are out to make a quick buck. You have no real job security and are at the mercy of customer projects, budgets, and personalities, and in many cases you don't that you will have work two months from now. The service is exceptional right from the front desk to the quality of work and repair. This is not personal to your customer - it's just business - but when your gravy train evaporates without notice, it's personal. I recommend this shop to everyone." , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Very good and quick." on : "The service is great and done by qualified people" on : "Fast and convenient. It's not your data, you're not allowed to hoard it. The shop has a nice greeting when answering the phone. One visit they say " next time we will have to replace air filter "and when I came in, they didn't tell me I had too. My response was to write off line items even though I was entitled to one of them. John Nino is the nicest, most honest person around." from West Orange, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Excellent. In my entire career, I have dodged a page or screened a call even though I was tempted more than once. The whole staff at the Fair View location is superb!" Dr. There are all kinds of arrangements for getting paid, and none is really superior to any other. They advise you of what is needed with no pressure tactics. It “thunked” all the way home from work and the check engine light came on. It's virtually impossible for a consultant to forget the nature of the relationship - you solve problems all day long - but it's very easy to forget the customer service aspect. Have recommended this service center to several people." from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Great place to come and get your car fix. Everybody I talked with was extremely professional yet friendly. Work was done incompletely and when I came back the next day it was not handled to my satisfaction.My tires needed air. Then I discovered TimeSlips and have been using it ever since. from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : ""Life is good when you have people you can trust to do good work and treat you fairly. Repairs and maintenance are done well and done quickly." from Santa Barbara, CA, whose was in for a smog check, on : "It was very convenient to make the appointment for my smog check online. Also, they almost always have some interesting car there that I remember from my younger days." from Madison, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "excellent service. Loved that they vacuumed out my car, too!" from Plainfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "They are fast and pleasant atmosphere" from Maplewood, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "The quality of the work is fine. I've never heard of a doctor or a lawyer use the word "customer", but as a consultant I am proud to. Unlike many kit cars, the mechanicals of the donor car are not at all modified so you can retain the safety and reliability of your original donor car. Good service" from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "It is exceptional" on : "I have only used them a couple of times, but what they did do appeared to be fine and at a reasonable price. Lexus navigation screen repair. I once tried to tell the girl who worked the counter about this but she got very short with me and walked away. I have several customers who patent everything they can find, but strictly as defensive measure. Several times now I have discovered my tire pressures were never checked. No complaints." from , whose was in for a smog check, on : "Friendly and quick service" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Found my accident while visiting Dentist across the street. They do the best they can to give you great service while keeping the costs as low as possible. on : "They are reasonable, on time, and have always been kind to me in our years of business together." from Santa Barbara, CA, whose was in for a smog check, on : "excellent service,friendly people,on time,clean facility,helpful,knowledgeable" Debra Jo A. I had just had my transmission and clutch replaced an hour earlier and they immediately detected a problem with the adjustment of the clutch and called the transmission shop to tell them about it. The technicians were courteous and friendly." on : "Speedy service, recommendations were offered, and personnel very friendly." , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "A+" Gilberto R. My previous position had been that I would not participate in software patents in any way, but I have reversed myself. The next day he said he wanted to try flushing my old transmission fluid out and putting in new before digging into expensive work like digging into the transmission. Working at home can be a wonderfully comfortable and productive work environment, but it's not meant for everybody.

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Thanks!" on : "Need to wait to see if the problem recus." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "I would tell them that I was treated like a king! The staff really cared about taking care of my brake problem. This is as close to a real LMP car as you can get without the crazy price tag of the real thing. Mesa auto repair shops. The staff were all very friendly as well." Silvio Di F. Very professional and honest people." on : "They are honest and have recommended the need for other preventive work that bears out in the end." from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Very proffesional and answered my questions right away. Trustworthy" from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Make them your go to mechanics" from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "GREAT !-Johnny at your branch on Mountain Avenue in Springfield is an honest good guy. Even washed my car when the maintenance was done." from , whose was in for a smog check, on : "Good service and friendly personnel." Carol Ann N. Time Billing You need a way to capture your time, invoice customers, and record their payments: this is hard to do well with anything home grown. My oil change was completed in SIX minutes, and the job was professionally done." from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Excellent!" from Maplewood, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Customer service was great. When you look for a mechanic that's all that matters and these guys deliver.

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I’m sure all car owners dread hearing the words “transmission problem”. Google is not always your friend These days, many customers evaluating a consultant will do the same thing you do before going on a first date: Google them. New consultants typically ought to charge a bit less than the going rate for other consultants in the same area, which allows for their lesser experience and wanting to get a foot in the door.

It's also nice to get a thank-you from random people on the internet who are grateful for your efforts. The other reason is that customers are usually suspicious of these toolkits, viewing them as an excuse to charge more money. If this is an area that you see yourself wanting to branch into, tell the customer you will get up to speed on your own time and may even offer a discount to make your services more attractive. from Springfield, NJ, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Excelent service! Great people" on : "Excellent service all around. But if the goal is just to collect some paper, it leads to the prototypical computer jockey with lots of alphabets after his name but limited power in the driver's seat. But it's extremely valuable for to find out how you work in this arena. Consulting maxim: The customer is NOT always right Not all consultants in the same position would have made the same choice, but everyone is allowed to choose whom to do business with. The owners were so very nice, not going back just because of that alone, would be hard. Those who use this pass-through arrangement may be wise to include the phrase "Total includes sales tax collected by " with the item to make it clear that you're not a reseller and are not responsible for collecting sales tax on your own account. One time after I had them rotate tires I noticed a couple of tires were low. Auto repair gresham. After I found you guys I do not trust anyone else to fix my car.

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Another issue that comes up from time to time is patent rights, and this often generates very strong feelings. from on : "That the auto care and repair quality is second to none. Paul the owner is amazing and always there to help a customer everything he does is A-l. from , whose was in for a smog check, on : "Very professional -- fast service--desired results" from , whose was in for a smog check, on : "Everyone was very helpful and friendly I would recommend Fairview to my friends" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Good service.

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Number Two- They will help you out if you're in a bind, whether you have an appointment or not.Number Three- They are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about auto repair, period.Number Four- They are very quick, but that does not mean that corners are cut. It is impossible to give a customer The Warm Fuzzy Feeling™ if they are wondering about the legitimacy of your invoices, and this is fatal to a customer relationship and to ever getting a good reference. It was a wonderful recommendation." Richard Reiner, Sunrise, F. The team is friendly and does a thorough job, and the price is great.

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efficient." from Santa Barbara, CA, whose was in for a smog check, on : "Great place

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