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I think they are crap! I couldn't mow the lawn due to rain this weekend once again so the grass got to be twice the cutting height. The problem you state does not exist for only B&D lawn mowers, but *any* rechargeable product. Nowadays, most are fully electronic and require no maintenance. This is what I was told by various people, both in and out of mower sales: Toro makes Toro and Lawn Boy. If it does, that tells you that you need to get a new rectifier. If the oil level is low and/or really black and icky, the owner probably did not follow the recommendations in this document! The oil should also not smell of gasoline. Timing is fixed by the relationship of the flywheel magnet and sensor. Their web site provides access to the following: Monthly tips, FAQ-like help, and an 'ask the mechanic' service.Original engine service manuals and special tools.Equipment and engine parts including complete engines and shortblocks. Darlings auto repair. A fuel stabilizer may not prevent the buildup of gunk and varnish as a result of the slow but inevitable process of fuel evaporation in the carburetor and replenishment from the fuel tank. Since the contact between rollers is a line rather than a point as it is with balls, they can support much greater loads. Releasing the dead-man bar engages a brake pad that is usually applied to the outside of the flywheel. I looked at the oil which was a dark thick black color. Go down to the diagram that says "OR select the area.". Note that Honda appears to have a policy of not letting anybody but their dealers get in touch with their central tech support.

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Never use a latch-open device to fill a portable container.

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If the passage from the carb connects to the cylinder at a point closer to the crank center-line than the exhaust port, perpendicular to cylinder axis and perpendicular to crank, it's mostlikely piston-ported.

My lawn is hilly but not bumpy, and I had gotten the high-wheeler to assist in shifting over edging and over flag walkways, and it's okay for that - but not so great that I'd bother with a high-wheel design in the future. Auto supply stores: engine oil, carburetor cleaner, anti-seize, sealer, hardware, some tools. This fastens the two ended cutting blade to the crankshaft. This requires that I cut without the bag which causes the grass to clump. If there is gasoline in the fuel tank and it will start without undo effort, then there is an excellent chance that the engine is in good condition. Often times the batteries are a standard size and you can get relatively inexpensive replacements at electronic stores. The crank gear drives the camgear/camshaft assembly which operates the valve lifters/valves and possibly the oil pump as well. Several functions are incorporated in a carburetor: Fuel control - float, diaphragm, suction. Under normal conditions, a plain bearing wears only during start and stop cycles. So, I figured that I needed to get one of them running, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the exact problem was but I wasn't getting spark, so I figured that it had to be the magneto. Honda repair service. My guess is the magneto and carb were fine all along in this lightly-used engine. You never know what the quality of the engine is and there is no way to guarantee it. Lawn boy has a tapered shaft at blade level and so the shaft has no key and the blade slips if hit. This aerosol of gasoline vaporized almost instantly. You first need to make a test before ordering out any parts. They carry several lines of replacement, aftermarket, and lawn mower parts for most small engine and mower manufacturers. Yes, so whoever said MTD doesn't make Sears is dead wrong. That gave us an excuse to tear the engine down and find out how to get it going again. These can be designed in several different ways but all must emulate the behavior of the point type ignition replacing just the magneto coil/pole piece assembly and without requiring alterations to the flywheel. Eventually it got so old that when the fuel pump failed, it could not be replaced. They don't publish their phone number, and there is no email address either. For the same reason, a large gear-puller is required to remove the flywheel from the crankshaft. The function of the carburetor is to provide a precise air-fuel mixture to the engine under a variety of operating conditions including: Starting. It's fairly quiet, and my clothes don't smell like gasoline when I'm done. A small motor - usually powered from a wall socket - drives the edge of the flywheel via a self releasing gear. The tractor will still shut off if a battery cable is removed. Another possible approach - applicable for both new lawn mower designs as well as field upgrades - would be to replace the heavy steel blade with one made of nylon with a molded-in steel edge. Somebody said they're now made in Asia so perhaps that's when the quality took a dive. Garage and yard sales, tag sales, flea markets, and auctions, are also excellent sources for tools. In many cases, both of these will break free at the same time. The battery has a built in handle and lifts out of the mower housing for easy replacement and charging. An extension to the connecting rod dips into the oil sump on each rotation of the crankshaft and provides lubrication by literally just splashing oil onto where it is needed.

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See the diagram in the section: Crankshaft anatomy. In fact, I would expect that pulling the starter a few times will clear most of it in any case. Auxiliary power takeoff - a lower speed output for front wheel drive or other secondary purpose. Piston: moving up pushing out exhaust gasses to muffler. Here is how to fill a gas can to minimize the danger of fire: Turn off your vehicle's engine. The "D" series tractors are built in Greenville, TN at a John Deere Factory. Check for unusual vibration and noise which could indicate an unbalanced, bent, or broken part. 2011 jeep grand cherokee repair manual. Mind, this is generic two cycle troubleshooting advice; I don't pretend to know the model you're working with. He'd had it for nearly twenty years, but never used it much because it was "hard to start", especially when hot. If possible, perform this simple compression test: Spin the crankshaft is the opposite direction from normal.

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For other types, I would still recommend draining the fuel tank and running the engine until the carburetor is dry. If there is a tough spot every rotation, the valves are not working probably due to broken teeth on the crankshaft gear or camgear. Its not uncommon for the little fiber plunger that operates the points on some models to get stuck. Land rover repair shops. If you look into the air intake of a carburetor, you will see a narrowing of the passageway.

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Discussions include: electrical systems on equipment, what works and how to do things, the effects of small engines on the environment and a lot more." Check out:. Upper or lower crankshaft seal, reed plate gasket, intake gasket, and upper housing gasket are common areas, in that order. Well, I didn't have the resources to get a new one, so I did the next best thing, I rewired it! Mom comes out to find me mowing the lawn with a car battery and a coil strapped to the thing. Since the Tecumseh engine design has really not changed substantially for a lot longer than this, parts will likely be available even for an old mower. It is also easy to mow next to shrubs and trees on either side of the tractor. The valves were still in pretty good order, so my assumption is that it was shipped that way from the factory

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