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The Master Sushi Chef is the only person at the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu. Just remember to use someone who can create a very professional final result for your needs What interests me here, though, is the spacecraft that took Homer into space. He uses the money to refurbish and redecorate the home, after which its name is changed to Springfield Retirement Castle instead of Springfield Retirement Home. According to the episode "", Krusty Burger is one of the only burger places open in Springfield because Krusty has been paying mobster Fat Tony to keep McDonald's and Burger King from establishing local locations. On its opening day, it was the site of a robbery by Snake Jailbird. The building itself is deteriorating and prostitutes hang outside the lobby. It is a major urban center, hosting major sports events, conventions, and United Nations conferences. Shelbyville is also the city where Luann van Houten grew up.

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Abe and Homer worked there in "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister"; Homer was required to work overtime in the store for no extra pay and workers were locked in the store. Costington's is a high-end department store located in Downtown Springfield. Seat belt repairs christchurch. Additionally, in another episode the students are forced to car pool when the school bus is wrecked after Otto falls asleep at the wheel and the bus crashes into the auto wrecking yard. This is always going to bring a smile to your facebook. The tavern had to be briefly shut down as shown in Who Shot Mr. Springfield High School is most often seen in flashbacks, notably in "The Way We Was" when Homer and Marge tell the story of how they met.

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Homer goes back to Moe's fortunately to find the owner of the store and after much convincing from Homer and Moe the owner opens up to sell Homer a reed.

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Springfield is the fictional town in which the American animated sitcom is set. Moe's Tavern first appeared in the episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire". The Simpsons attended an Annual Fair there in the episode "The Bart Wants What It Wants". Landmarks include a Duff brewery, possibly mimicking the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. In this episode, the town appears to have recovered well from the monorail disaster, as it is now changed from a ghost town to a thriving community with multiple businesses Bart enjoys. In one episode the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a mini-mall. There is an unseen crow or raven that lives near the Power Plant that caws whenever an establishing shot of the Power Plant is on screen. Porsche 911 repair costs. You can give them the coolest Simpson avatar gift ever.The use of forums for discussions is quite popular and that is why a Simpsons avatar is such an excellent gift for anyone who says please simpsonizeme. In the episode "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", the regular school bus breaks down and a Springfield State Prison bus is used instead. This is the perfect gift for when you have no idea what to give to someone.When you someone, they will be part of the Simpsons universe and this is a great kind of gift to give a friend. The name is a play on "sleazy motel", a fact highlighted by its malfunctioning neon sign. This can be seen in during the dome sequence after Homer and Bart buy lunch by themselves and with the family.

Previous representatives include Horace Wilcox, who died of a heart attack while in office, and Bob Arnold, who is forced to resign after Lisa exposes his corruption. Luigi's is a Springfield Italian restaurant owned by Luigi Risotto, who is a parody of the "Italian pasta/pizza chef" stereotype but seems to be aware of his status as a stock character. A running gag in earlier seasons was the poor security of the plant, with the outside security booth often going unmanned, but this has changed in recent episodes, with the entrance to the plant being heavily guarded. A later episode reveals that Flanders has been reduced to running the Leftorium out of a mall cart, which he splits with a cosmetic saleswoman. Engine repair manuals free. The bar sells mostly Duff Beer although other beverages are served. It teaches several different courses, including nuclear physics, arts management, and the meaning of cartoons, and has a fierce rivalry with Springfield A&M University. They also are big fans of the Minnesota Vikings due to the heavy incidence of Norwegians immigrants in the state of Minnesota. There is also a Krusty Burger in France, as seen in the episode "The Devil Wears Nada".

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For a few episodes the school also had a tower with a winding staircase within which led to an observation area. Fat Tony and his mob frequently use the restaurant for their meetings. Series creator Matt Groening's background is Norwegian and German, which he has described as "two of the unfunniest ethnic groups in the history of the world". It also has at least one McDonald's restaurant, a Speed-E-Mart, Joe's Tavern and a school.

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Bart Simpson weighed in on the controversy, in a statement from the Fox Network where he said "at least they didn't call it Beavis and Butt-head Elementary".

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Duff Beer is the obvious clue to connect Duffy's to Moe's. Lake Springfield's pollution almost led to the town's destruction by an Environmental Protection Agency bomb, and pollution from the nuclear power plant has mutated the fish in the river. He often gets mad when his family does not come and visit him. A typical store features a drive-thru with a speaker box and most of the employees are young teenage workers. Shelbyville is Springfield's neighbor and rival city. The Java Server is a coffee shop that is a parody of such shops as "Starbucks", despite it being a parody of Starbucks, they exist separately in the show, as seen when an entire section in the mall with only Starbucks. Luigi is polite to his customers and treats them with respect when they order and then loudly insults and belittles them to his cook Salvatore, fully aware that they can hear him from the kitchen. Another appearance was in "Lisa's Sax" where after Lisa's saxophone was run over by a truck, as a result of a fight between Bart and Lisa, Homer tells the story of how Lisa first got her sax. These spacecraft were very well known to Americans, and visually they had a distinctive look that most American television viewers would recognize and understand instantly. Apple auto repair. Major named geographical features include Springfield Gorge, Springfield National Forest, the volcanic Mt. In one episode, prison inmates occupied the cloakrooms in the classrooms, in an effort to make extra money. Other notable makeovers are in the episode "Bart Sells His Soul" where Moe turns his tavern into a family restaurant called Uncle Moe's Family Feed Bag and in "Homer the Moe" where Moe turns his tavern into a yuppie bar called "m". The station jingle is "No sports, no rock, no information! For mindless chatter, we're your station!" King Toot's is a music store located next door to Moe's Tavern. Marge is met with hostility by the locals, including a woman who works at the 'Monorail Cafe'. One such event was a ballet performance, despite the fact there was a gas leak in the school. The staff of the home have little to no respect for the residents, doing things like vacuuming their hair during "nap time", or switching their IV bags with their catheter bags when the former is empty and the latter is full

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