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I began hearing a popping noise coming from the passengers side. When it does happen and i press the button to move the roof nothing happens. The elastic bands could also be to blame because they push against what the transmissions do while closing, and if at that point they are not "pulling back" the top could fall down to the windshield. The top fabric is glued, has to peeled away and reglued. The problem I have is the top not closing all the way up. I would keep an eye on it and listen for any unusual sounds. I partly opened the lid and saw the plastic white tabs on the pushrod broke on both sides. - Wayne at Pelican Parts Sure would be useful to have an article about completely removing the top and replacing it with another one as I'm attempting now The purpose of the intermediate shaft is to drive the camshafts indirectly off the crankshaft. While you are in there look at the linkages and make sure that they are all connected. , Timing Belt Replacement, Front Brake Pad Replacement, Removing Engine Covers. At that point you know for sure the fault is in the transmission. - Wayne at Pelican Parts I enjoyed reading your repair article on boxers. You can also make sure that the switch is properly operating, otherwise it may not realize that the roof is actually closed. Unfortunately, due to how the crankcase was designed there are no oil passages from which pressurized engine oil can be used to lubricate a plain bearing on the side closest to the flywheel. Another indicator is when closing the top, if one side contacts the windshield frame before the other side it probably has a bad cable. Other service centers make claims, but they are not Porsche certified specialists, nor do they service Porsche exclusively. this causes the roof to seat over the plastic guide above each window. I have measured the microswitch during operation, and it works properly. I discovered that the upper ball joint is held together by not only the press-on ball but by an odd, fiddly little circlip device that needs needlenose pliers to remove. However, during a stop light, I decided to close the top and all of a sudden heard this tudd sound again when closing. And my new top even had the Service Bulletin required elastic straps that are supposed to prevent this. Now that I think of it, that is probably your issue. I would like to save other boxster owners from possible damage and see the liner mentioned in your articles. I get the error on the dash indicating it has not reached its limit. Also, check the whole operation of the top for smoothness by moving it by hand. As a result, this end of the IMS always performs flawlessly and never shows wear. See if you can detach the lid or peak inside using a flashlight. However, when I close the top, it dances in the end and passenger side push rod for clamshell pops off from the rails. Also the short tension cable on the driver side is broken, it was always like that though. As such it is common to have the center bearing support stud break during operation, resulting in a large oil leak, and is often an indicator of a failing or failed IMS bearing. The best auto repair shops. the power top has been working perfectly with no issues until yesterday. - Nick at Pelican Parts hi,I also have trouble with my cabrio roof. When lowering the top, the glass rear window does not fully drop into the recess. When I open the roof, the windows go down as normal and the rood will go back. SO I can Manually put the top back and the cover closes and when I got home, I used the button to close the back opens but I had to Manually pick my top up & over to close it. - Nick at Pelican Parts I have the same problem as Lars with cables not going into window channels when top raised. The mechanism got a bit out of kilter somehow, but I got each side to be in synch.

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- Nick at Pelican Parts I dont know if the front latces are opening I un clip the middle catch and the Windows go down but the roof didn't move if I give it a hard tug it dose come out each catch on each side but its hard. On the Boxster you should never be able to operate the top by hand if the cables are connected to the transmissions and motor. This end of the intermediate shaft has a plain bearing surface integrated into the front oil pump console that is pressure fed oil for lubrication directly from the oil pump. I verified the lift mechanism and looks like both transmissions are adequately working. This puts a lot of tension on all the top components and the system recognizes a fault and wont do anything else until the car is turned off and restarted. If I unlatch, the windows will go down, and when I hit the down button, I hear the motor trying to move kuduck, kuduck.

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The first thing I would do is visually inspect all of the linkages. I have already upgraded the top, motor and transmission. Then when I push the button to close the motor starts and works alright, but when it reaches the open end position the motor does not stop but again changes direction as the hatch microswitch is actuated. - Wayne at Pelican Parts Thank you - i just brought a porsche boxster and the electric roof was not working. I will try to lighten the tension on the push rods both of them since I cannot tell which side it is coming from. Sometimes they stick and need cleaning, or go bad and need to be replaced. Seemed to me module under driver seat had monster corrosion inside. Additionally, it is this ball-bearing that handles the majority of the load on the intermediate shaft. If it doesn't see it latch, the windows may not go up. In the chance that you did do it, you may have hit or damaged an eelctrical component when cleaning. I would suggest you grab a repair manual, you should own one. There could be a microswitch issue, however with the grinding I find that unlikely. When I release the roof latch the windows come down but when I press the opon button on the console, nothing happen. I had the top down, drove to work, closed the top. It seems to work fine, just can't get the light to go off. Jacking Your Vehicle, , , Spark Plug Replacement. - Nick at Pelican Parts Also, I found these seemingly broken strings on each side of the top. You might want to have an assistant open and close the lid while you carefully watch the rear decklid to see if it is hanging up. They kinda jerk as they are moving the top either up or down. Is this something that is manageable or should it be taken to a professional. If there is no noise from the top, you need to check for fault codes. If you put enough force on the rods to snap them, then chances are the boomerang-shaped pieces are also bent, and your two transmissions may be damaged as well. In addition to ball-bearing failures the intermediate shaft can suffer other failures including but not limited to slippage of drive sprockets which can lead to valve timing related failures. When I try to raise the roof up I hear the motor running but nothing is moving. If not, you will need to investigate the handbrake switch in the center console.

This should be in your owners manual in the service section. Pressing the switch engages the motor, the cables flex, but then stop. But when I put the top up everything returned to the old problems-top up or down.


I would pull the access panel off and inspect the cables and linkage. You may need to bend the transmission mounting points so that it does not rub. Attempt to assist gently with your other hand as you press the button. but I'm not sure how best to zone in on the biggest problem first. If your top is not closing you may have an issue with the cables or transmissions.

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I can home roof closed/latched but rear access part way open and left it for a few hours.

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I'd say an inch is my maximum, I fit is more than that I'd say take it back or call around and get other opinions. The motor is located below the third brake light, attached to the interior body panel. I would test it with a multi-tester and see if it's broken. When switch arm is pushed down by the rear lid, after-running time is activated for the transmissions motor. - Nick at Pelican Parts I was able to get that other screw tightened finally, the top is closing and opening fine for me now however on the last second of closing I hear a loud bang. i tried turning ignition off to reset etc, but no joy. Press top button and rotate the arms until clamshell arms are veritcal.

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