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Even “Supplemental air bag warning light” in impact, rollover, or lower severity fron- with the NISSAN Advanced Air Bag Sys- this section. Clean and reinstall the drain plug and a new washer. Child restraints for infants must be used in the rear-facing direction and therefore must not be used in the front seat. Move the lever up or down until the turn signal begins to flash, but the lever does not latch, and release the lever. ● When returning the seatbacks to the upright position, be certain they are completely secured in the latched posi- tion. The ELR locks the seat belt when the vehicle slows down rapidly or during certain impacts. Driver’s side power window switch The driver’s side control panel is equipped with switches to open or close the front and rear passenger windows. For additional protection against rust and corro- sion, which may be required in some areas, con- ● Check the underbody for accumulation of sult a NISSAN dealer. Turn the fan control dial to the desired posi- gauge indicates engine coolant tem- tion. ● The LOOSE FUEL CAP warning mes- – Keep the pump nozzle in contact. An open rear hatch could allow dangerous exhaust gases to be drawn inside the vehicle. ● Because the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire is smaller than the original tire, ground clearance is reduced.

2001-2004 Nissan Navara D22 Service Repair Manual

Palatine auto repair. ADJUSTING THE SCREEN However, the radio can be heard. In an accident, you could be thrown into it and receive neck or other serious injuries.

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The driver’s side floor mat the vehicle and should be removed for drying to has a grommet hole incorporated in it. If it does, Always depress the brake pedal until Do not operate the starter for more than have your vehicle checked by a NISSAN shifting is completed. If the seating position does not have an adjustable head restraint/headrest and it is interfering with the proper child restraint fit, try another seating position or a different child restraint. Community tire pros and auto repair. LATCH system that it complies with Canadian Motor Vehicle or a seat belt. Check to make sure the child restraint is properly secured prior to each use. Tire manufactur- ers also must indicate the materials in the tire, which include steel, nylon, polyester and others. sional brake squeak, squeal or other noise may Contact a NISSAN dealer if checking or replace- be heard. The total of the axle loads the “In case of emergency” section of should not exceed the gross vehicle this manual.


How To Repair Damaged Nissan Paint With Nissan Touch Up Paint By following these Nissan paint repair directions, you can make your Nissan paint shine again! For more detailed instructions, including how to use Nissan spray paint, see our. No part of this Owner’s Manual may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Nissan Mexicana, S. Visit our Service Department page to schedule a service appointment, or our Parts Department page to order parts for your new Nissan, or for more information about any of the services offered by Waikem Nissan Mechanically, I changed the gearbox and engine oil and filter and fitted a replacement K & N airfilter panel Nissan Touch Up Paint Find Nissan paint by clicking the year or model. ● A new disc may be rough on the inner and Push the SOURCE select switch to change the mode in the following sequence: AM → FM → outer edges. Failure to use the ALR mode will result in the child restraint not being properly secured. ● If dirt, rain or snow attaches to the camera, the RearView Monitor may not display ob- jects. It must be checked and re- hicle, the front air bags, side air bags, curtain air paired. versely affect the emission control de- NISSAN does not recommend the use of fuels of vices and systems of the vehicle. tors are generally familiar with the applicable laws and procedures for towing. The child restraint will not be secured properly if the lower an- chors are obstructed. To avoid discharging the vehicle battery, ● For details, consult a NISSAN dealer. cushion the impact force to the head and chest of. ● Even with the NISSAN Advanced Air lower severity side collision. For additional information, refer to “Interior light” in the “Instruments and controls” section in this manual. NISSAN floor mats have been specially designed Wet floor coverings will not dry completely inside for your vehicle model. Remove bulbs by turning counterclockwise and replace with new bulbs. The three-point seat belt with Automatic restraint is removed. Vehicle width guide lines Indicate the vehicle width when backing up. If you have a com- – Your vehicle is in an area where it is patible Bluetooth®. Nissan paint color codes are typically three digits long and made up of numbers and letters. ● When stopping the vehicle on an uphill CAUTION grade, do not hold the vehicle by de- ● DEPRESS THE FOOT BRAKE PEDAL - pressing the accelerator pedal.

Loosen the oil filter with an oil filter wrench When checking or replacement is required, we by turning it counterclockwise. We want you to experience our cars in the real world and understand what it is that makes Nissan the trusted brand that it is in South Africa. ● If wheels or tires other than the NISSAN carefully. Reinstall and properly adjust the head restraint/headrest before an occupant uses the seating position. Locate the statement “The combined ropes or straps to help prevent it safely exceed the available cargo and weight of occupants and cargo from sliding or shifting. Manual or Owner’s Manual, for this model year and prior, please contact your nearest NISSAN dealer. Apply rubbing compound to your Nissan paint with a clean, soft cloth like an old tee shirt, but not wood products like paper towels. If you have any questions when installing a WARNING store it in a secure place. Usually if you let the Nissan paint dry overnight, it will be dry. Wear indicator Wheels of a different off-set could ● For additional information regarding. Operating tips AIR FLOW CHARTS ● Keep the windows closed while the air con- The following charts show the button and dial ditioner is in operation.

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Once the child has grown so the shoulder belt is no longer on or near the face and neck and the lap belt can be positioned properly across the lower hips or up- per thighs, use the seat belt without the booster. The original workshop will be used for heavy structural damage, and the new building will be a fast track shop for smaller repairs. When appropriate, slowly release the accel- ● Avoid driving with an extremely low fuel of control causes the vehicle to slide side- erator pedal to gradually slow the vehicle. The sys- tem will list the names assigned to each phone The Add Phone command is not available and then prompt you for the phone you wish to when the vehicle is moving. Micra is an accredited repairer, carrying out work for all major insurance companies, including RACT, CGU, SUNCORP, AAMI, APIA, JUST CAR, NRMA, COMMINSURE, ALLIANZ, SHANNONS, LUMLEY, WFI and QBE. Remove the fuse box cover with a suit- electrical system or cause a fire. If the power window automatic function does not close the window, pull the switch up operate properly after performing the above pro- cedure, see a NISSAN dealer for assistance. Turn the temperature control dial to the de- the air conditioner off. Have the power required to stop the vehicle and stopping dis- no power assist for the steering but you will still steering system checked by a NISSAN tance will be longer. ● Properly secure all cargo with ropes or straps to help prevent it from sliding or shifting. Auto repair staunton va. the wipers and washer operate properly and that away from the pedal. positions for MAXIMUM AND QUICK heating, cooling or defrosting. A key number is only necessary when you have lost all keys and do not have one to duplicate from. The SRS wir- cause injury if a side air bag inflates. Take your vehicle to the nearest NISSAN bags, pretensioners and related parts should be dealer. If you cannot locate your color label, you can call Nissan, provide them with your VIN, and they will tell you your color code over the phone. Auto repair round rock. Fail- ure to do so could cause the hood to fly open and result in an accident

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