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Also I am active duty so take the 'Thank our troops appreciation' down on Facebook, you don't even offer a military discount buddy. We are family owned.Went to Macco to get a fare deal. After seeing the president Jose Costa on "Undercover Boss" last week, I became more infuriated since he praises this company highly and does nothing of what he perceives. And when they received it to let him know so then he can release my car. Proceed slowly when removing paint and rust so that you don't remove or cut into the metal. Find an upcoming center in your area and be notified when the doors open Don't use Maaco in Hamilton.I needed Police to get my car back!! Dear Friends I will tell you my horrible story with Maaco from Hamilton , Ontario to give you an idea what to expect from them. Our current customers include car rental and leasing companies, government and municipal agencies, telecommunications providers, food and beverage companies, DRP insurance programs, and more. Waiting a few minutes between coats allows the primer to set up and helps stop the paint from running. The basic tools needed are sanders, primer, paint to match the color of the car, old newspaper, and masking tape. They told me that I have to sign the rental agreement and pay directly the rental company.So I did. I even had the jambs, and under the hood being done. Though, if you are doing this DIY auto rust removal project at home, it is best to use a purchased product mentioned previously A: Depending on the type of car you have and specific conditions of your paint and duration You expect to keep the vehicle determines what should be purchased. I would not recommend this business to anyone ever. You will apply the paint the same way you did the primer-in several coats. Lopez auto repair indianapolis. Road salt and sea salt contribute to auto body rust but the car never rusts uniformly. Collision Repair & Painting, a trusted Shop for painting and collision repair in Danville, VA., collision repair, car paint, dent removal, bumper, insurance claims service in Fremont, San Jose, Oakland & San Francisco Bay AreaMaaco coupons.

I told him that the drivers side was covered in dust or primer or whatever that would not come up after I scrubbed it.

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I hope Mr President knows this shop needs an overhaul in more than one way Additional resourcesSee all the ways Maaco helps make your experience better!The Maaco appChoose from unlimited colors or document a recent collision. Unbelievable !! I went outside and I have called Enterprise and asked them if they were part of this scam too. They said they couldn't do anything because the shop owner says they did their best job and some imperfections may be there, and yet the whole job is disaster. This was a big selling point for me as everyone I know works during the day, so I had no other way to leave and retrieve the car. Sales Person, JASON was great at explaining all the options. A lot of people say "don't go to Maaco" but usually it's because of poor quality work and materials. When to Do Your Own Auto Body Rust Repair If you live in an area with ice and snow removal, your car will experience winter damage. Car came out with air bubbles, runs in the paint and dirt stuck in paint. Washing cars can be difficult. I will never recommend any of Maaco shops to anyone, they take your money and do a very crappy service. You will need to determine whether you can treat the rust on your car yourself or if you will need a professional car body expert to take care of the problem for you. Even a wrecking yard part will be sold to an individual that will not be sold to a bodyshop because the yard knows the shop will not accept the part due to severe defects or incompatability. Cover the area surrounding the sanded metal with newspaper and masking tape. He agreed to see what he could do to correct it but only touched a few spots, left the rest and said that's the best he could do. Fact / Statement Discrepancies CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- Maaco was told to replace front bumper, front side/door driver panels, replace light and horn. You will need to apply three to four coats of self-etching primer. MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Before I decide it to bring my car to Maaco Auto Painting shop, I was kind of a skeptical about bring it there because I heard a lot of negative reports about Maaco. Everything paid to Maaco , rental in my name and not due yet. I found a piece of black foam that came from somewhere on my truck and I am going to take it into Fletchers on Wednesday to have them go over my truck. Car still looks like crap and paint is so thin that if we try wet sanding it, we could take off all the paint. I asked them to call back to Maaco to tell them that as long as I rent it is MY responsibility.They didn't want to do it. We took it back and he blamed us for the air bubbles, crap in paint etc.

Don't use Maaco in Hamilton.I needed Police to get my car.

Outside were screws on the L quarter panel, clearly visible. There are a lot of spots that just somehow were missed in various parts of the truck, and under the hood was not complete. It is best to seek professional help if you have frame damage from rust corrosion or if the rust has corroded the body of the car. When I got there it looked good except for the runs and pop up bubbles, so another week to repaint, which I was ok with - it was getting fixed. Bmw abs pump repair. NOBODY TRUST THESE GUYS!! THEY GIVE YOU A GOOD NUMBER …MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Before I decide it to bring my car to Painting shop, I was kind of a skeptical about bring it there because I heard a lot. Auto repair service los angeles ca. Patience in applying five or six light coats will pay off in a good-looking job that lasts longer. There is black paint on my passenger front seat, the driver's seat, and on the passenger and driver's side of the second row seating. He said I have to return the rental vehicle first and then he will release my car. Tack cloth is used to make sure the metal is clean and dirt-free. I am really disappointed and now I realized that negative reports I was aware about were true and legit. Minor battery corrosion can also be removed with sand paper.

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Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX Location - he should be the manager.

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I am very proud to show the beautiful Maaco paint job I got to others in the classic car clubs I belong to. All businesses should have the integrity and great customer service that ** gave to me. Paid extra for sand and seal to have a better paint job done. Slight auto body rust can be removed at home, but a bigger job should be done professionally, as there should be no color differences in the car after repairs. Auto body rust repair has become more important in recent years. He was very interested in my business and showed a true desire to do a good job for me. This company is clearly unreliable and does not stand by their horrible work. A door aftermarket does not come complete and often does not fit but the public is not aware that doors are well known not to fit right.  Different vendors carry different quality parts as well. A real nutbar! Glad you got your car back, not so glad they damaged it further. Dear Friends I will tell you my horrible story with Maaco from Hamilton , Ontario to give you an idea what to expect from them. The Maaco app makes it easy to turn the car you drive, back into the car you love.Apply Now*Disclaimer: At participating locations only

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