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Alphalineauto.com.au offers a wide variety of services including car leather restoration, replacement and re-colouring. The Monte Carlo custom seat also comes with matching headrests. We can also help you to get your custom ST seat in the color and the configuration of your choice. The seating position is lowered to get you as low as possible in the car to fit even the tallest drivers and has been redesigned to fit between most rails for an even lower seating position. The Sebring seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. Jeep repair panels. Sebring SeatsFor the classic motor sport - the drivers' choice. Feel free to browse our site to find out more about the services and products alphalineauto.com.au provides, as well as information on the materials we use and advice on how to take care of your car leather. We can produce custom car leather seats and we provide auto trimming products and services. The fine Italian leather used for Pantera seats is extremely luxurious; and if you would like new car seats but you’re on a budget, we also have synthetic leather that is also of the highest quality. Next, take the adhesive and work it into the affected area making sure the adhesive fills the rip completely. Sts auto repair. You will find extensive advice on alphalineauto.com.au for the best ways to take care of old and new leather; as well as advice on the different types of car leather used Restore, Repair & Recolor Leather Care Professional Supplies Color Charts Color Matching Knowledge Center Performance & Parts Performance Chips & Programmers Exterior Accessories Running Boards, Side Steps & Nerf Bars Interior Accessories Other Accessories Ramps, Jacks, Stands & Creepers Today's Deals As vehicles get a bit older, the leather seats can deteriorate and rip. Once that is dried you can mix up the correct color using the supplied mixing guide. The ST has the look of the original seats but we have tried to improve it to meet today's' needs.

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Once the coating is compromised, the leather can begin to crack and fade. Similar to the Scheel seats, the Sebring it is the perfect choice for more serious side support for sport, race, and rallyes. Caring for your Car Leather Seat Leather is a material that must be maintained. The back of this classic car seat tilts forward for easy access to the front of your car. We have control over product development, distribution and quality, so you can rely on us. Car leather is actually an investment, as it will increase the value of your vehicle. Our expert team provides a number of professional services, and we have an incredible amount of experience installing and working with high quality car leather. This style was also the racer's and rallye driver's choice as the Nurburgring gives you the best support and comfort for long endurance races and rallies.


Similar to the Nurburgring seats, the Avus is the perfect choice for more side support for sport, race, and rallies. Worn leather can look a real eyesore, and if your car leather is looking worn and tired, please contact us to discuss our restoration services. It makes sense to protect your investment by protecting and maintaining your leather. Only available at your exclusive GTS classics dealers worldwide. The Avus seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. The Rallye is also fairly wide to accommodate all drivers who enjoy the classic seat and vintage racing. Available in all the classic sport seat configurations of that period. Also available with this seat, are adjustable headrests. The Sebring is situated between the Nurburgring and the Rallye to accommodate these drivers who enjoy classic rallies and vintage racing. The Rallye seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. Like the original, the seat tilts forward, but for better access to the rear we also offer the tilting brackets to lift the complete seat. The seating position is lowered to get you as low as possible in the car to fit even the taller drivers. Mix the colors and hold it up to your leather to ensure a close match Avus Seats For the classic motor sport - the taller drivers' choice. Maintenance is relatively easy; but it must be performed on a regular basis. The Avus has the look of the Nurburgring and the comfort and dimensions like the Rallye to accommodate the tall drivers who enjoy classic rallies and vintage racing. Amoco auto repair. Our superior quality products are available from reputable car dealers, auto trimmers and re-stylers across Australia and New Zealand. Try out different combinations with a variety of customizable options, such as colours, seat styles, finishes and more. The main point of the product is to stop rips from continuing to get bigger, but is also can repair and mask those tears too!First off get the backing material and cut out a piece larger than the rip you want to fix. We take sincere pride in our work, so that you can be a proud vehicle owner. Make your car leather seats your own by making them custom online! We are the only supplier of Pantera car leather seats, and we are as proud of our products as we are our services. This seat is handmade with the highest quality and craftsmanship.

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It is the perfect choice between sport and comfort and gives your classic car the touring appearance with less of the race look, even though it is often used by the classic rallye drivers. Please contact us to start accessing the custom design tool today to make your dream car leather seats come to life. It is the perfect choice for the taller driver as it is designed to fit their needs best.

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The Nurburgring classic sport bucket seat is nonadjustable in itself. Car leather in particular is susceptible to a number of problems, including sweat, grease and ultra violet rays. This seat is reclinable and adjustable and gives firm support with comfort. Different to most other models GTS classic offers, this seat is made in fiberglass and has the comfort of our Duralastic seats. GTS classics is proud to present our version of that seat.

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It is also available in different colors upon request. Only when mounted into the car can it be adjusted in height, tilt and seating position. Available in custom colors and custom pattern to match your classic car and interior upon request.

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