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You can also see the refinished pedal and emergency brake levers, the new hood release lever, the new factory pedal pads, and the refinished kick plate retention strip. All new paint has minor imperfections, areas of dryness, dust nibs, small runs, some "orange peel" and various occlusions. These primarily one and two owner vehicles were cared for and maintained as only cars with long-term owners usually are: with absolute attention to detail and love. Note: Unfortunately, this Jeep was quite dusty during the photos. If you look carefully you can also see the new Roof Rack well nut Grommets/seals, the new foam insulation, the new wiring and the sealed roof rack rail screws. Therefore, the Wagoneer’s weight, the huge engine and the long engine bay already offer more protection in a head-on collision than almost any normal passenger vehicle. Our trained team of service technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment at our Auto Service Center. No matter where you look, the custom touches and obsessive attention to detail is evident.   Here you see my custom reverse printed, lifetime acrylic tailgate window warning label and the upgraded non-yellowing and non-shrinking rear wiper paint protection appliqué. These kick panels will never warp or deteriorate like the factory pieces did. Out of the best quality full hides, I carefully hand select only the finest, most durable and unblemished portions of the hide. But even then, the work is only half done! The true difference between very good and truly exceptional paint is the post-paint finish work. Then the entire assembly is zinc primed, the interior receives solvent resistant paint and the exterior is painted in a beautiful high quality engine enamel. This is not only a problem because it stains your driveway and makes your underbody filthy, but also very dangerous. All internal components and external trim were removed. Every SUV since the Grand Wagoneer’s introduction has been modeled after it to some degree. Modern metallic and pearl coat paints are exacting formulas of up to two dozen tints and metallic additives in precise quantities, making correct matching very difficult. On the right, another new matching tire and restored wheel plus a full bead blasted, zinc primed and epoxy coated spare tire carrier bracket. If, in the future, an electrical issue should ever occur, a quick glance under the dash will immediately tell you if a fuse is at fault, and if so, which one. However, more valuable than all of these wonderful bonuses, records, guides, supplies and other custom “support” literature, is my personal promise of lifetime support for each and every one of my customers. I have included a complete list of the most important items of the interior work that are done in the COSMETIC RESTORATION section of this website, for your perusal. Jeep compass repair manual pdf. Meanwhile, the parts department at Reed Chrysler enables our customers to order OEM automotive parts or accessories that can be used to complete all manner of mechanical or cosmetic repairs, or even interior or exterior customizations of vehicles. You can also see the new OEM license plate housing lamp, seal, clips and hardware. As hundreds of drivers in  Burnsville area already have, you're certain to see the difference immediately.Car Financing, Service & Parts - Serving Asheville, Johnson City, Spruce Pine & Boone.Buchanan & Young, Inc. It contains all of the specific information that you will need to optimally maintain, service, operate and enjoy your new Grand Wagoneer. We invite you to look through our new car inventory and then reach out to us with any questions you have regarding our trim packages, features, and financing. So our auto service and repair team knows them inside and out. When you open the hood of your new restoration, every mechanic that works on it will be in awe, will respect and care for the vehicle much more than an ordinary car and will treat it like the very special machine that it is. Even the bottom of my console lids are highest grade leather, and the finest quality of workmanship is in evidence throughout. How to repair car seats. This is by far the most convenient, classy and effective theft deterrent system that we have seen. And the Grand Wagoneer’s timeless, classic styling will never blend in with the look-alike, generic designs that seem to make every modern vehicle look alike.

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If you are ecologically minded, you can rest assured that any Grand Wagoneer that you purchase from will be among the cleanest running, lowest polluting Wagoneers ever to grace the streets. Fourth, it is soooo much cleaner than the filthy factory insulation that absorbed every vapor, very bit of oil, ever splash of dirty water and efficiently deposited this grime in your hair every time you worked on the motor or inspected the engine bay.

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Second it is bonded to the hood and will not sag, loosen and come down over time. The paint is then color sanded and blended, and finally, the underbody and frame epoxy coat borders are finished. These superior shafts eliminate the soft and failure prone rubber steering coupler disc that contributes to the loose, “floaty” steering wheel feeling of a factory Grand Wagoneer. Once every square inch of the engine bay is sealed and painted, the brake lines, new fasteners and brand new Suspension Components and Steering Components are installed. If well maintained and cared for, they will not only be a pleasure to drive and own, but, in the long run, may also appreciate*.

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Of course every pre-owned vehicle in our selection of dependable used cars has been inspected and quality tested to ensure your satisfaction. Any mechanic can rip out your factory fuel management system, vacuum system, carburetor, fuel lines, etc. These are TRUE, Full, Professional frame-up restorations! This focus on restoration and repair of all of the “invisible” areas that can cause reliability issues extends to every square inch of the body, exterior, mechanical systems, interior and electrical components. We custom cut and shape new foam, in several layers, and even include very expensive higher density foam on the outside seat bolsters in order to minimize the compression that usually happens immediately due to getting in and out of the front seats. Finally, I provide you with what I consider to be the best REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE BOOK available, written in layman’s terms with hundreds of high quality photos and images. Below you can see the new, higher quality custom cut and factory color matched kick panels. Full Conversion to computerized, electronic FUEL INJECTION Not only do I offer three types of computerized fuel injection systems to my clients. Our knowledgeable finance team is able to answer your questions, describe our cash purchases and low rates, and even walk you through the finance process. * KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM allowing you to lock and unlock your Jeeps doors without use of the keys. The extra paint that I provide you will allow you to have several body panel repaired if you ever get in an accident, fender bender, or just want to have a large ding or dent removed. The photo below is of a customer's own Jeep that was originally BLACK, who desired a color change to WHITE.

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You will be proud to display this frame at home or at the office…it will be sure to stoke your love and passion for your woody and impress your family members and coworkers with the beauty, features and quality of your new Jeep. When you're ready to have a tire rotation, oil change, brake repair, or another automotive service, schedule your appointment at Pellegrino Chrysler Jeep. One of my custom made polished aluminum shift knobs. Unlike most Jeep, RAM, Chrysler and Dodge and used car dealerships, Buchanan & Young, however, fights hard to get each and every one of our customers the rates they need to transform their new or used car dream into a reality. It is a fun and nostalgic professional recording that lists all of the Wagoneer's features, how to use them and is a wonderful collector's item that you are sure to enjoy. Other modifications protect the components from damage or corrosion. Stocking a huge range of accessories for Wranglers.Avondale Chrysler has a variety of new and used cars, serving west side of Phoenix Arizona. Third, it has better heat reflection properties that protect your precious hood paint. Serving the Spokane, Washington region.Schedule Dodge, , RAM and Chrysler car repair in Petaluma by completing the Autoworld Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM service appointment form.Visit us and test drive a car, truck or SUV near Ogden, at Larry H Whether you visit us from here in Beaver Dam or from a nearby area, such as Lomira, Hartford WI, Watertown WI, or Columbus WI, our main priority is building a relationship with you. I ask you to please look at all of the “hidden” areas that you normally never get to see or gain access to when purchasing a so called “restoration” from any of the inferior quality restoration and renewal shops in the US. This massive extra effort and expense ensures that the original weaknesses of the factory design are addressed and result in the world’s best, most capable and most durable Grand Wagoneers. The frames are stripped, painted and sealed with a much better epoxy finish. This feature may seem insignificant to those that have never owned a Grand Wagoneer.

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A beautifully restored arm rest and door reflector assembly.

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In my restorations, no opportunity to improve on the factory design is overlooked. And, whenever possible, higher quality, improved, or better performing components are installed in place of original parts that were prone to failure or premature deterioration. Depending on the upgrades that your Wagoneer has received, there can be quite a number of additional items included in the binder. This means we provide a personalized type of customer service. Very importantly, our Jeeps have brand new, ultra soft, slightly thicker, more padded, steering wheel leather for an almost decadent luxury driving experience and “feel”. Among the many services Buchanan & Young routinely performs are wheel repairs, auto glass repairs, muffler repairs, transmission repairs, tire rotations, oil changes, belt inspections and more Our staff of financial experts will negotiate with local financial institutions for you. as needed New Rear Wiper Arm CLEAR BODY PROTECTIVE STRIP to prevent rear wiper arm from damaging paint. I will also maintain a very extensive inventory of OEM parts that are no longer available anywhere else on earth, for my loyal, existing customers. & Off-Road Discussion Forum for every model plus Galleries, Reviews, Links, Parts & Articles. Rather, we want to provide you with the right vehicle to accommodate your transportation needs, but also to satisfy what you like for design, performance, or features. The one you see here is my most versatile auxiliary air shock system that is mounted using a custom U-bolt endplate, new cad plated axel retainer U-bolts and a frame mounted upper bracket. An indexed performance harmonic balancer lined up to a beautiful new, custom lettered timing cover A stock-style air cleaner assembly for the factory carburetor with all of the vacuum switches and emissions control valves necessary for the carbureted system. We love fixing, servicing and repairing cars, trucks and SUVs only using manufacturer certified parts. Our upgraded , ultra-luxurious padded steering wheel leather feels so nice that it makes you never want to take your hands off the wheel.

Full restoration of all interior trim, that I no longer have in stock, to like-new condition SEATS FULLY DISASSEMBLED and REBUILT. This upgraded, cleaner insulation is important to prevent splitting of hood paint due to excess heat and expansion and contraction of metal and paint due to temperature changes. In the three photos below you see our stunning new polished stainless steel cargo and tailgate slide rail and carpet retainer upgrade, along with my custom made rear carpet retainer strips, improved tailgate wire insulation and all new chromed steel and stainless steel hardware. Along with this manual, you will receive several MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES like wax, leather care products, lubricant, engine additive, or other items that I believe will come in handy. Wrangler Grand Cherokee Liberty CJ MJ XJ TJ YJ DJZJ WJSchedule Ram, and Dodge service and at our service center near Bensalem, PA. A close-up view of the new Heater Motor and a fully restored heater housing assembly. Below, you can see that along with the fully restored bracket, even the spare tire is new and the factory steel white spare tire wheel has been fully restored to AS-NEW condition! Or, alternately, a spare wheel and tire that matches your set of Aftermarket Wheels. The next step is to secure a car loan or lease with the help of our experts in our Finance Center. Lastly, and very importantly, I include a substantial amount of EXTRA PAINT that exactly matches the color code and mix of the paint that was used on your Jeep. As I mentioned previously, my current inventory of Ultimate Daily Driver Grand Wagoneers have received a much higher grade mechanical restoration than the previous list demonstrates. Later, an additional ceramic fiber woven heat sleeve will cover and protect the entire wiring stalk.  This wiring harness is so critical to proper performance and long-term reliability, that every additional protective and shielding measure is taken to protect it from years of radiant heat. The entire frame is stripped and either powder coated or epoxy coated, the springs are tightened and adjusted, the jute backing, insulation and foam are replaced, all new hardware is installed, including new chrome assembly bolts and screws, the rubber bumpers are replaced. If you have questions about our new and used cars from the Bristol, Waterbury and Hartford, CT area before arriving at our new and used car dealership in Torrington, give us a call. A section of the new Body Wiring Harness prior to installation More body, engine management and lighting harnesses… Some upgraded wiring, new heavy duty relays and my wonderful LED fuses

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