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Welcome to Westlake IndependentHonest Honda/Acura and Subaru Repair Technicians in Westlake Village, CA Westlake Independent is your independent one-stop shop exclusively for all your Honda, Acura, and Subaru auto repair maintenance needs in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks, Ca. We will diagnose, advise, adjust and repair your vehicle and have your Subaru back on the road tackling whatever our Alaskan weather hands us. Give us a call for all of your auto servicing and preventative maintenance needs.  In the event of an impact, the EDR will freeze data including how various systems were operating, for example if seatbelts were buckled, if the gas or brake pedals were pressed, and vehicle speed. If the driver signals a lane change to that side, the warning icon in the mirror will flash. We keep a huge inventory of Subaru car parts in stock so that we can complete your order or car repair quickly. Be patient, the dealer will want you get your car as quickly as possible. Thanks for considering Bruno! Mike Bruno, President/CEO, Bruno Independent Living Aids Veteran-founded and family-owned, Bruno Independent Living Aids proudly engineers and manufactures products in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, that help improve the lives of people around the world with mobility challenges. View Bruno Valet Signature Seating The Path To Bruno Ownership Is Easy MEET US Count on your local factory-trained Bruno dealer to provide courteous, professional product knowledge and service.  LEARN MORE Take your time. Bring in your vehicle and pickup today with complete confidence that your auto will be serviced or repaired correctly the first time. Fuel injectors that close tighter when they're not in use. Information is accessed through the airbag system using a Subaru service computer. Eyesight uses two forward facing cameras to see the road ahead, and only works when they can 'see'. To help avoid damage, the radar units are purposely mounted above a typical bumper impact line. That way they get to know both you and your Subaru Its recommended to check it every few months Always let a cold engine briefly idle as the oil circulates. If the driver signals a lane change, the warning icon in the mirror will flash rapidly. Mostly front wheel drive under normal driving conditions. We have the staff, skills, training, and advanced equipment necessary to perform all required maintenance on your new car or truck while maintaining your warranty. Shown in the down position, and pulled away from the dashboard Hand measured, subject to change, correction There is a lot of front seat legroom. We also invite you to learn more about our dedication to you, our valued customer. > Active Cruise Control combines the benefits of cruise control with active monitoring of the road ahead. How not to wash your car. average MPG, instant MPG, elapsed time since the car was started, average vehicle speed, DTE distance to empty. When difficulty getting in and out of the car reduces that independence, consider a power turning auto seat Quality Anchorage Area Auto Repair At Continental Subaru - Parts, Service, Repair & MoreYou've invested in Subaru - excellent decision. Daytime running lights Crumple zones: front and rear Drop-down motor mounts Reinforced door beams: Dual front, single rear A Pillar reinforcing beam Oversize outside mirrors to minimize blindspots  Subaru's Mobile-It-Ease program helps modify vehicles for special needs drivers. Adaptive Cruise Control can regulate vehicle speed in order to keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.

The Eyesight cameras will turn off if the windshield fogs up or if they can't see for any not touch or try to clean the EyeSight camera lenses. That means a factory order might be the way to get the exact car and features you want.

INDEPENDENT CYCLE EAST -., Legend Air Suspension.

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Don't block the camera's views, put anything reflective on the dash, hang anything from the rear view mirror, or clean the dash so that it's shiny. We are the nation’s largest independent Subaru auto repair shop. It takes no corrective vehicle action other than issuing visual and audible warnings. As a result, many incoming cars will be sold before they arrive.

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> Lead Vehicle Start Alert is a helpful EyeSight feature that alerts the driver when his or her vehicle remains stopped after a vehicle in front has started to move away. The radar units send out signals to detect vehicles behind and to each side of the Subaru vehicle, especially those vehicles that might not be visible in the rearview mirrors. > Pre-Collision Brake Assist-  If Eyesight recognizes an impending collision and the driver is applying the brakes but not with enough force, Pre-Collision Brake Assist automatically applies up to full braking pressure in order to try to shorten braking distances. If the vehicle detected is approaching quickly – at a speed that could bring it alongside the Subaru vehicle within a few seconds – Lane Change Assist will illuminate a warning icon in the exterior mirror on that side. They have an Incoming report and you can put your name on one of the incoming cars. requires roof rack crossbars and mounting clamp -   Ordering a car. Under severe, hard, very cold or very hot weather driving, change it more frequently.

Super Rupair, Inc. - The nation\'s largest independent.

is a premier provider of auto sales, repair & services, which include headlight restoration, scheduled maintenance, timing belt, checking. At Continental Subaru, we've invested in our Subaru service advisorsauto repair or car service in Anchorage, you've come to the right place.

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> Pre-Collision Braking can recognize an impending collision, alert the driver and automatically apply the brakes to help avoid a collision or minimize the impact when a collision is inevitable. Your dealer can also try to locate or find a suitable car for you at another dealer who is willing to swap Crosstreks. We continue to take pride in providing best-in-class quality, innovative designs and easy-to-use solutions for home and vehicle accessibility. We are dedicated to an on-going Subaru factory-training program for all of our team members. Thanks to a Bruno stairlift, steps are no longer a hindrance to watching football games with friends and family. From used vehicle sales to new engines, and everything in between, we know Subarus. Internal Trunk Release, sedan, emergency inside-trunk release LATCH Child seat Tethers and Uniform Mounting Clips Childproof rear door locks and windows. SubaGuru offers a full line of Genuine Subaru parts. Our Services We service and repair all Honda, Acura, and Subaru vehicles. A finer mesh in the catalytic converter, as well as optimized placement of its precious metal. Essentially, EyeSight needs time to recognize an object or potential obstacle. Headlights in 'auto' setting and fog lights off for the system to work. A family-owned business, Bruno is renown for our unwavering focus on quality and safety and our position as an industry innovation leader. Ever since, we have continued to demonstrate excellence in all areas of customer-focused performance. Just reach up and tap the button! Note- this system does NOT work if the car's battery is dead, there's no backup battery for it so in the event of a dead battery or an accident where the battery is dislodged, have your cellphone handy because the Starlink won't work. Espanol | Francais A A A Espanol | Francais A A A Bruno Products About Bruno Support & Resources Architect Resources KEEP YOUR INDEPENDENCE Bruno helps keep homes, vehicles and businesses friendly for people with mobility challenges. Let Bruno give you, or a loved one, the freedom of mobility

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