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The Generac’s electronic panel has a handy display that shows the fuel level, the estimated time remaining, and a power-output meter. A reader tipped us off to, a site where you can check for local gas stations that keep ethanol-free options on hand.  I tested with small appliances and the with the A/C unit. I have two of these generators and can not say enough good about them.

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The Honda ran dry first, but given the small amount of fuel we used, we don’t want to read into that too much as a measure of fuel efficiency. I wish it was equipped with fuel injection and the noise. Beyond dependability and reliability, many other factors come down to convenience. I would also like to see the ground wire for the parallel setup in a plug as opposed to a screw.

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Quiet, Light, Good on fuel, and very Reliable by Anonymous Best set of generators for RVing. It far surpassed the Ryobi, which wouldn’t even start with a dozen pulls after a refueling. As with the Yamaha, we’re considering adding this model for a future update, if we can get a test unit. I also ran the satellite system, TV, and lights and the Hondas never skipped a beat. Portable inverter generators Job site generators Standby/whole-house generators How we picked All three tested generators are roughly the same size, though their dry weight varies slightly. And while job site generators can produce uneven power as the engine surges and sags, inverter generators produce steady electricity, which sensitive consumer electronics need to operate safely. If you don't have it you'll wish you did when that time comes. We’d prefer the Honda to have at least one of these. Now that I know about the fuel problems and what to look for with water etc., I would give the Honda Generator a big thumbs up. We plugged in and operated a set of high-draw power tools and appliances, looking for the point at which some generators could power the machines while others bogged down, flipped their breakers, or otherwise fell short. For expensive and bulky devices like generators, understanding the minor differences can be hard, so we tested the top three models head-to-head on their power output, sound output, power quality, and run times to find our pick. Had a major power ourtage for a week here in Fairbanks That, coupled with its longstanding reputation, makes it the most reliable generator in its class. Honda recommends changing the oil before long periods of storage, as well. Also, we didn't know we could not run these in the storage compartment. With a little planning, you can prep your generator for storage or intermittent use and avoid problems when it’s time to start the machine up again. When we started up our circular saw, for example, the Honda excelled while the competitors lagged behind by a few amps and once even stalled out without getting our saw up to speed. We tested each generator at varying distances in a rural field using a sound meter that measured in dBA. In our opinion, that performance, coupled with its longstanding reputation and good reviews, makes this generator the most dependable and reliable choice when it matters-in spite of this model’s average performance in other, less significant regards. Great gas consumption, good power , quiet , and compact. We examined hundreds of customer reviews, watched countless video reviews, and looked for expert opinions from Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics. Later in this guide, we’ve outlined the care and maintenance you need to plan on doing. This means I can't use this in most campgrounds without some sort of box/baffle setup. It is as the ads says Quiet, light weight,and dependable. This is an awesome generator and portability is the key. It sat outside in the rain and some wind, never hesitating. If you’re camping in a trailer or RV, going hunting or fishing, working remotely with electronics or power tools, tailgating, or even providing limited backup power in an emergency, a portable inverter generator is ideal. by Charlie Nixon Best generator that I have bought, out of three, the first two were loud, heavy, low quality, & hard to store. As for ergonomics and portability, the handle on top of the Honda is as comfortable as on the Generac, whether you’re carrying it in one or two hands, with or without gloves. Beyond that, the Ryobi fell short of the Honda and Generac in ergonomics and portability. No regrets, this thing rocks! I hear CARB is about to out law Bean Burritos to reduce emissions.

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But we are monitoring owner reviews to see if this problem becomes a trend.

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 They ran a room A/C, refrigerator, freezer, television, and other electronics, with no problems at all. The results in the graphs below even prompted our consulting engineer, Lee Johnson, to tell us, “Those are awful nice sine waves you have there. When do tires need replacing. The generators are too loud for RV use and use in recreational settings. Do not get me wrong this little generator is awesome just be aware of how long you leave gas sitting in the carb. Just when I was off to Nevada to get a CARB non-approved generator, I ran out of time and went into my local Camping World and bit the bullit. We found a few negative notes about repairs or failures, but none suggest a consistent problem. Great for Construction, RVing, carnivals and Swap Meets. Simply the best buy I've ever made & will soon consider the mate for it to run air conditioner, with them. I have seen them advertised comparing to the Honda , which tells me Honda set the bar to follow. Note: I just found a drain valve on the bottom of the bowl on the carb for draining, hopefully I'll never leave gs sitting again. I love all the features and extras on this generator. These tools represent some of the biggest power draws you could use on a home outlet; other appliances and devices wouldn’t be any more demanding. Eco-Throttle™ allows the generator's engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use and helps to reduce exhaust emissions. Well the refrigerator goes and the only way the outside one will work is with electricity. One interface flaw throughout this category: None of the generators we tested have an hour meter, something you do see on larger generators. I was VERY clear as to why/what I needed the generator for. The Honda stood out in the tests that pushed the generators to their absolute limit. I have been using them now for over a year and have not had one problem. On closer inspection, the shape of the tank, the location of the fuel line, and the path to the carburetor all affected how much fuel was actually available for the engine.

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The Honda’s panel requires a screwdriver to open, which you could say is a minor disadvantage compared with the Generac’s, which you can open sans tools. Come on people no generator will start until the gas gets to the carb and then to the piston.I will state that Honda makes the best generator for the price asked. If you do not let us know, we will automatically send the DC Charging Cord. It runs everything in the RV except the AC unit, it'll even run an electric oil filled radiator w/o breaking a sweat. It started right up and has been stopped only for refueling. It also took care of lighting and the all important cell phone recharging.

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Now we have to buy another unit to handle running more appliances and with a longer run time.  Came in very handy during our recent power outage due to storms. You should never run a generator indoors or in an enclosed space.

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A few decibels here or there didn’t really change which generator we’d want to use-they’re all quieter than older or larger job site generators, but they’ll all still make a bit of a ruckus. We compared owner reviews to get a better understanding of long-term reliability, noting patterns and recurring problems. I was able to move the Honda away from the RV so there was NO NOISE and it runs for hours on a gallon of gas. We measured the sound of our generators when they idled without a load, but we also wanted to see how they’d behave under load for a long period of time. When it's not hot enough for the air conditioner, we just bring one Honda generator on camping trips. But we’re confident in saying that if you’re shopping for this class of generator, the Yamaha doesn’t offer anything more than our top pick from Honda. Plus, the compact size neatly fits your car, truck, boat, RV or camper, making this versatile inverter generator the ideal tag-along. Others have units cheaper , but you always get what you pay for. We understand that ratings for generators are always on the high side, to allow for extra start-up draws of electrical appliances, which sometimes can be double the appliance's ratings, until they settle down. Use it to power a variety of appliances, including televisions, microwaves, refrigerators and even small air conditioners. The Eco Throttle switch slows and quiets the engine when you don’t need full power

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