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Right about here the cover panel thinks it should go back down. Now the car has been sitting i know that the roof was working prior to me. Sometimes it's difficult to find it inside the roof though - I would triple check everything in there and look for a broken strap or piece. It looks like the "easy" fix is to just tighten the two bolts that hald the mechanism into place. An included CD walks you through the different modes of operation. After investigating the latch assembly the lever in the latch is in the closed position.OK.After reading some of your comments on older bmw conv. The Elm Scan USB Car Scanner for Laptop PC I prefer to hold an automotive scanner in my hand, but coworkers and friends have purchased the Elm Scan unit that turns a personal laptop computer into an automotive diagnostic machine. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hi, just realised that this is a US site, and so "V-Reg" in my previous post won't mean anything. My daughter was putting the top up I was not there when it stuck halfway. I would double check in the engine compartment to see if leaves or something else has clogged your drains. It's not really a good DIY project, as it's easy to mess these up and make them worse. As I think the lid motor needs a tune, coz it closes the lid too strongly, but can't open it high. Is there a kit for the latch mechanism or should I do a few tests first to find out the actual problem. I used to be able to pull on the top a bit in order for it to complete the cycle but now that no longer works.

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Release motors with handle under rear seat, put handle back in place. The back cover still hits the roof and it is causing damage to the soft top. Note - there are interlocks between the storage bin lid and the trunk that prevent you from opening both at the same time.

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The system automatically presses the top's rear frame against the convertible top compartment lid, pretensioning it to ensure that it seals tightly. I meant to say that the tension bow does not fully seat against the tonneau cover. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hi, thank you for getting back to me. When I press the button to lower the top, the front portion disengages from the top of the windshield and moves to the appropriate position. Teel small engine repair. I am experiencing some wind noise at the top of the rear windows on both sides of the car. When looking around, I swear I remember someone advertising one for sale with a retractable hard top. Last time I put the top up the closing sequence was almost complete when this god-awful noise came out of the rear LH corner under the clamshell. I am well aware that there are actually three types of tops. Problem is there is a tiny plastic piece on each that broke. I’ve used it and I’m impressed with the functions the unit is capable of. When opening top the front bow unlatches from windshield frame and goes up as the rear bow goes down the front bow starts falling down. It sucked the back down and locked it, but it wont go up. - Nick at Pelican Parts Addendum:Figured out how to get top down turn allen screw a thousand more times!. A Pelican community member may be able to answer your question. Auto body repair without insurance. I use this tool a lot, because I keep it in my daily driver. I read some reviews on Amazon’s website, that this function works very well. I would suggest starting your search with the microswitches on the roof - these have a tendency to fail after many years and are the cheapest fix. This roof is quite complicated, I would suggest going to BMW or a shop with the right tooling. No problems with that, but when I push the button to raise the top, nothing happens. The driver/left side of the convertible top storage cover releases but the passenger/right side does not. We are presently considering the cost of repair options, vs. When the top is fully opened and I start the car, the top partially opens an then stops. I go to open up the trunk and it wont open, I have done already tried every solution possible I pressed on the top boot cover tonnaeucover and tried that and I still could not get access into the trunk. Start by checking the vehicle for fault codes, this will help identify the switch. If you wish you could pull back the headlner and carefully spray silicone lubricant into the moving joints. All microswitches I can find appear to work fine, and the hardwear itself besides the dubious motors are also in fine condition. I have disconnected the motors to see if I could make adjustments. Pulled release under the seats and tried the resync in several spots and got nothing.

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When I try to raise the top it moves as far as the back window is in a vertical position and stops! It will go down again with out ant issues. Fluid was low but topped off during lowered position.

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Only the winodws go down and If I stop the cycle to close, it flashes red. The roof raises and lowers absolutely perfectly but when the roof is closed it doesn't sit tight on the horse-shoe on the left side of the car. I tried to manually dis-engage the top from the windscreen using an allen wrench in the slot abot the rearview mirror but when I turn it it does not open any. The operation continues normally and no other problems whatsoever. Mobile auto mechanic automobile repairing service. Unlatches from windshield frame, but won't go any further. After replacing the cable I was able to close the top manually but now it is open in the back about an inch where it should sit on the storage compartment.

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Hope to re-install the cover plate soon and will report if the problem comes back afterwards. if i could just get some action from the switch I feel that i can start to troubleshoot my issue. The roof now appears to be in a somewhat locked situation with the rear shelf up in a vertical position. I tried to close it one day and it was malfunctioning.

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