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I was like, 'Excuse me, she's been abandoned by about six parental figures. However, Spike accompanied Dawn to the Magic Box and he helped her realize that she was actually The Key, not a real human. Their relationship suffered a blow when Willow, strung out on dark magic, gets Dawn into a car accident, but they soon make up. Fortunately, Dawn can now use her powers as the Key on Earth after Spike made it so by writing it in the Vampyr book. Even after Willow and Tara broke up, Dawn and Tara continued to meet up for the occasional milkshake. As Spike continued to tell stories about herself and their past, Dawn didn't remember much but still felt a close bond with him. She initially mocked him and claimed she was "badder" than him since his chip as well as making fun of his attempt to give Buffy a present for her birthday since she hated him. The monks also altered reality, as well as the memories of the Slayer, her family, and friends, to make the now-human Key fit into the world, making everyone in Buffy's life believe that Dawn had always been present as her sister. Her exact height was unknown but she was tall enough to pick apples from the very top of the trees. While Willow was currently in another dimension trying to find a way to restore Earth's magic, she saw a horrific vision depicting Dawn without a face. Auto body repair westminster co. - Dawn took a liking this boy in her junior high art class. Dawn was a fan of Britney Spears' early work before she sold out.Dawn was a regular character for the last three seasons of. She later confessed to Buffy that, having been brought back by Willow's spell, her emotions had essentially "reset" and now experienced everything as she did when she was first created. When Tara got brain-sucked by Glory, Dawn confided in Spike to believe herself to be evil, which Spike discouraged and comforted her. The battle culminated in Sunnydale's destruction, and Dawn was among those that survived the battle unharmed and escaped the crater that had once been her home, asking her sister what they were going to do next. However, Xander disagreed with her and told her Joyce loved them both equally. Joyce had intuitively realized before everyone else but Buffy that Dawn was not actually her daughter and was something else entirely. Dawn takes comfort in the Buffybot when grieving for her sister. Due to the constant strain, Dawn passed out and was quickly taken to the hospital by Xander. He informed her of her fading away essence, but promised her it would be fixed before anything could happen to her.

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Following the destruction of the Seed of Wonder- and the subsequent loss of virtually all the world's magic - Dawn and Xander settled into a semi-retired life in San Francisco. - As a member of The Trio, Andrew was at first a foe of Buffy's, and by extension, Dawn. The Key was a concentration of living energy that could be used to shatter the veil separating all dimensions. The nearest auto repair shop. Buffy admitted enviously that Dawn seemed to see Willow as a better sister than her. In the comics, set before Sunnydale, Dawn is retroactively shown to be the first of Buffy's family to discover that Buffy is the Slayer and subsequently is responsible for Hank and Joyce finding out and Buffy being sent to an asylum.

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Dawn revealed to Xander that she did not have sex with Kenny like everyone else believed but she had, in fact, slept with his roommate. - Dawn and her father shared a similar relationship that Buffy did with him: Neglectful and distant. It turns out that Amanda is actually the Potential Slayer rather than Dawn and joins the Scoobs. Following the restoration of magic and Dawn being restored to existence, her emotions 'reset' to the point when she was originally created, causing her relationship with Xander to come to a halt as she had reverted to her original childish crush rather than actually being in with him. However, it only worked in dimensions apart from Earth. On Halloween, Dawn experienced her first kiss with a vampire named Justin, who she was reluctantly forced to stake when he tried to kill her. Dawn was clearly upset when Giles left for England, and he softly told her he was only a phone call away as they hugged. Buffy took action and stopped his self-destructive behavior, only to have him turn on her instead. In "Family", discussing with Giles, Buffy said that Dawn cried for a week after the announcement of the divorce of their parents. Dawn has grown to rarely flinch when in danger, and her loyalty to her sister and friends is absolute. Illyria looked her over and noted expertly that Dawn was emitting energy from her body in steady amounts, clarifying her as slowly dying. - Dawn and Riley seemed to have what you would call a friendly relationship for the most part. She also merely felt a teenage crush on Xander rather than being deeply in love with him, leaving her distant from him; Xander had been overly suspicious that something was "wrong" with Dawn since she came back. In the final battle against The First, during which all the Potentials were activated as bonafide Slayers, Dawn kept a clear head as she guarded one of the high school's above-ground exits with Xander, slaying at least three Turok-Han Vampires independently. This thought process seemed to remain until the end of Season Six, when Buffy assured her that she didn't want to die again and that she wanted to see her sister grow up. She was also involved in the fight against the more powerful breed of new vampires while wielding a crossbow. Dawn later accompanied an increasingly reckless Willow to the home of Rack, a magical drug dealer, which goes awry when the two were attacked by a demon and Willow attempted to magically drive the two away. Afterward, she and Buffy mended their bridges as well. After the End of magic, Dawn fell ill and was condemned to fade from reality. Following Buffy's noble suicide, Dawn struggled with abandonment issues, as well as her escalating kleptomania. While writing in her diary, Dawn claimed she didn't think Giles liked her very much, probably because he was "old".

In her original form, she was a mystical power of living energy, known as The Key; however, because of a magical ritual, she was transformed into an ordinary teenage human girl to hide her from the hell goddess Glorificus. Her favorite pizza topping is anchovies and she enjoys dancing, especially to Mexican music. She could damage a large stone wall by punching it, although she hurts her hand in the process. - Originally, Giles had no strong connection to Dawn and was merely just Buffy's watcher. "She still thinks I'm little miss nobody, just her dumb little sister. Promising Buffy to protect Dawn with his life after her death, he was a type of guardian towards her, helping Willow and Tara raise her, and he was the only one that Dawn constantly confided in. Amanda and Dawn appear to remain close, trading a friendly smile as Buffy leads Amanda and the other Potentials off to training from which Dawn is excluded and dancing together later at The Bronze. Buffy and Illyria immediately arrive to see what's wrong with her, horrifying and worrying her sister with the sight she was seeing. She reads the Harry Potter books and has a fondness for her sister's soft toy pig Mr. Dawn however returns to Sunnydale and Buffy allows her to fight in the final battle, finally accepting her as an adult. Dawn was heartbroken when realizing that Buffy died for her and when realizing she was resurrected, she was overjoyed and this time begged her to live, insisting that she was trying to carry on her life but it was so hard without her. Back in the Deeper Well, Willow felt pulled toward a power source, and declared that it could not only save Dawn, but the world as well. Dawn appeared to be missing afterwards, but Spike and Andrew both seemed to think she hadn't faded yet. However, upon discovering that Dawn was the Key, Glory made it her mission to capture her, and eventually succeeded In their final meeting, Dawn called Glory "a monster", and insinuated that she couldn't take on Buffy. However, true to my profession, I couldn’t let go of this teachable moment. Shortly after, Xander Harris accidentally summoned the demon Sweet, who forced the residents of Sunnydale to perform in musical numbers.

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Xander surmised that she will likely experience a third transformation before she could return to normal. However, Spike soon started to forget certain parts of her life, but did not tell her this.Eventually, Spike was forgetting her name and big important events of her life. When Willow took Dawn along with her to Rack, Willow put Dawn in a lot of danger.

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However, Joyce told Buffy that she still loved Dawn like her daughter and requested Buffy to protect and love her the same. Examples of Alterations to Reality by the presence of Dawn In one of the several false memories, Dawn has been held hostage by Angelus, moments before Willow. Ironically, Dawn proved to be correct when reality began to "evolve" to accommodate Buffy's newfound status, unleashing numerous hordes of extra-dimensional demons on Earth in the process. The two attempted to restart their relationship with a new date, but Dawn called it off as she still remembered they had fallen in love even if she didn't have those feelings any more, and felt that he was trying too hard. For many months, Dawn, as well as Buffy, their mother Joyce, and the Scooby Gang were unaware of her mystical origins, believing the memories the monks had crafted for them. Dawn promptly almost died on the collapsing tower but seeing her in danger, it seemed to awaken her from her almost feral state as Buffy had saved her life. Her sister, Willow, and Xander had proceeded to go to the Deeper Well in hopes of saving her life. Buffy was overjoyed when they succeeded in getting her sister back. Buffy and Dawn's relationship had been strained and conflicted. They constantly held an almost hostile relationship, as Dawn felt overshadowed by her elder sister and how everyone seemed to treat her better. Dawn was furious with both of them for their rejection, but Willow secretly helped her by getting out a book about resurrections, unbeknownst to her. When Buffy died, Willow and Tara moved into Buffy's house and acted as guardians to Dawn. She was also acquainted with Faith Lehane, as Dawn held a grudge against her for her past deeds when Faith returned to Sunnydale; this grudge could stem from the incident where by Faith kidnapped Joyce and possibly, in light of the altered reality, Dawn as well. In 'Storyteller' Andrew Wells describes Dawn as a 'Bubbly and sweet with a hunger for fun and a smile that lights up the room'. Throughout her dealings with the Scooby Gang, she has gained and developed increased knowledge on demons, planning for battles, and general information on the mystical.  Dawn is a human being who, as seers and the mentally unstable can see, is really a massive ball of energy. She also found Anya's ignorance of human ways and abrupt rudeness very annoying, similar to most of the Scooby Gang. After Spike got his soul back, Dawn still remained somewhat distrustful. She confided in Spike her identity crisis, and bonded with him. The trauma of Tara's death and Willow nearly ending the world made Buffy realize that the world was worth living in, and she promised to show Dawn the wonders of the world. Meanwhile, Willow decided to use Severin and the "seedling" she had created to help her manage enough power to save Dawn. When Buffy feared she would fail on her first day as the school counselor, Dawn reassured her that she would be fine and that she would be a great counselor. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers bands together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!This article contains major spoilers for a recently or soon to be released product. Ferguson wrote of the poem, "Perhaps no single poem more fully embodies the ambiguous balance between paradisiac good and the paradoxically more fruitful human good than 'Nothing Gold Can Stay,' a poem in which the metaphors of Eden and the Fall cohere with the idea of felix culpa." John A. - Dawn always admired Willow; she stated "Willow's the awesomest person.

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- Dawn dated this boy for some time, although Buffy, Leah, and Giles warned her that he was a "Thricewise." He apparently disappeared after Dawn became a giantess, which Buffy believes to be a side-effect of losing her virginity. Strangely, Spike was not invited in her apartment in San Francisco despite their close relationship, which was likely under the request of Xander. However, Dawn suffered from moderate abandonment issues, which branched into self-harming and kleptomania for some time. With the right ritual conducted in the right time and place, her blood opens a dimensional portal to all universes, bringing chaos and destruction to Earth within minutes. The girl has huge issues.'" However, he acknowledged that he and the writers hit "the same note for a while. It was seen when The Soul Glutton tried to devour her soul which resulted in him losing his energy and giant size.

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When Harmony had taunted Xander in front of the Summers' house, Dawn became defensive over him, only to accidently invite Harmony in the house. After getting kidnapped by Harmony and saved by Buffy, she noted that Xander wasn't mad at her as one of the good things that happened that day. Despite her sister's best efforts, Dawn was nonetheless kidnapped by Glory and taken to a tower, crudely built for the ritual where Dawn would be bled and the gates between dimensions would fall.

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