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Clean it out enough to solder or weld it and lots more holes magically appear.

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Others can be taken apart, but you can't get parts for them, and some are riveted together. If you have a small rust pinhole you may have a really bad problem.

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Just make sure the tank is purged of any air! I'm always surprised at how many good welders don't know this.

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I haven't used any because by the time the petcock gets this bad the bike is so old no one wants to spend the money on it. Plastic Gas Tanks and fenders, that are supposed to last forever, fall apart after years in the sunlight. Loosen the tank from the front fittings, pull one side of the crossover tube loose but not off. Not all Fuel Petcocks have all three screens but, almost all Fuel Petcocks have at least one screen. Both tubes usually have fine wire filter screens on them and another screen in the petcock itself. Now you could lift the Gas Tank off the bike and empty it into a gas can through the Gas Tank fill hole. When the fuel level goes below the top of the tube, the carb runs out of gas until you turn on the reserve. Most times there is a small vent hole in the gas cap. You can get a two part epoxy made especially for gas tank repair. Now that the EPA is looking at bikes, those caps may have one way valves in them or be sealed completely and the tank have a vent tube. Some of the Harley-Davidson tanks have two caps and one will be non-vented. Now put the Gas Tank back on and put a see through fuel filter in the gas line to the carb. I've only used one, the most common major brand, and I was not impressed. The Honda Factory trained lead mechanic said the best way to get the Gas Tanks off was this. Prime bypasses the diaphragm so you can fill the carbs with gas after they have been drained. Just remember that these epoxies work good for a limited time. As well as the ongoing work we produce for dealerships such as BMW and Mercedes of York, we also cater for private customers, and can get your wheels back to their “brand new look”. You really don't need to carry these tools in your tool tray on the bike. Many thanks” We offer a number of key wheel services including straightening, machine polishing, custom finishes, leaking rim repair, puncture repair, tyre changing facilities, re-balancing as well as refurbishments. Replacement cart tire and wheel. I don't know of any motorcycle manufacturers that are currently using fiberglass Gas Tanks. You will have to have a tank of some kind of inert gas that will not burn. ON takes fuel from a tube that sticks up from the petcock body into the tank. So have a look around the site, take a look at our previous work on our gallery pages and if you like what you see then please give us a call or use our online enquiry form to see what we can do for you! Products Body Repair System New Tools and Accessories Tapes Mechanical Paint and Scratch Repair Headlight Restoration Miscellaneous Repair Fillers and Related Basic Car Care Adhesives and Sealants Abrasives and Sanding. The Vacuum on/off type of petcock has a diaphragm that automatically shuts off the gas when the engine stops. If the leak is caused by a crack or puncture you can repair it by soldering or welding the tank. You will see a hose going from a fitting on the petcock to a fitting on the intake manifold of one of the carbs. Brother auto repair. This gives the motorcycle a lower center of gravity and better handling. Set it on PRI, fill the carbs and put it back to ON. I let it dry for two days with a very low pressure air hose circulating air to the tank. Some crossover tubes are in the front of the Gas Tank and some are in the back. It is also true that I have not tried all the coatings on the market.   The photo below shows three types of these tools.  The factory tool is similar to the left & center types. Some are screwed together with tiny screws and can be taken apart and fixed. I cleaned, acid washed, and coated the tank, per factory instructions. The only problem is gas tanks tend to blow up when a flame is applied to them. “Just used Raw wheels to change colour of my alloys, the standard of work and quality of finish is outstanding.  The wheels look better than new, and the service was exceptional you could not meet a more friendly guy. Because of the low position of the Gas Tank, these Gas Tanks have an electric fuel pump to pump the fuel, through a filter, to the Carburetors. The tank I used it on was in like new condition with a small crack in the bottom that seeped gas. It may BEND inside of the rotor, & then you are in DEEP trouble.  Besides the stock Bosch rotor, where I recommend you do not use two piece tools as shown.ALSO DO NOT use any such two piece tools in aftermarket rotors, such as the  EnDuraLast Alternator or the Omega Alternator. This supplies vacuum to one side of the diaphragm, opening the fuel valve inside the petcock. Not good! The cure is pretty easy, but might be hard to do for the average person. I've seen a lot of rusted Gas Tanks but none from BMW, so this must be true. On an old bike or in an emergency they do seem to work well. I would highly recommend raw wheels and I would use them again. Don’t just take our word for it, here is a recent review from one of our many satisfied customers. The riveted ones seem to be on newer bikes and can only be replaced.

BMW's torque figures are the value on the bolt itself, whether or not you use an adaptor between the torque wrench & the bolt. This is not always practical because rusted tanks are usually found on old bikes. The tank may look good on the outside, but odds are the inside is all rusted out. For the average guy it might just be best to take it to a good welder who knows the trick. If there is fuel flowing but the valve won't turn it off, the fix is easy.

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I figure that if it will not seal a good clean tank what chance will a rusty one have. With a professional alloy wheel repair and re-finishing workshop  with state-of-the-art facilities and a friendly, helpful team, the service is intended to be cost effective and professional, restoring the look of your car. They do have some plastic glues out but I would not trust them on a gas tank. Torque wrenches are a primary tool for the home mechanic and the professional Rules & FAQ's Please read the forum rules before posting on the forum - the FAQ's also contain useful tips to make life on the forum easier Here at RAW Wheels, we pride ourselves on our top quality service at an affordable price. Most fuel petcocks are fairly expensive to replace, considering what they are. If you have a rusted tank, you are between a rock and a hard spot.

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