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Dash or Console: dent removal, cracks, tears, burns, holes, scratches, color change, and color restoration.

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They slide over your existing upholstery creating a seamless look. The most determined mess makers have met their match. We do it better than anyone else! * WE SERVICE: AUTOS - BOATS - AIRCRAFT - RV'S - MOTORCYCLES - FURNITURE - HOME - OFFICE - RESTAURANTS - MEDICAL TABLES AND CHAIRS AND MORE!!!! We set out on a quest to design and develop the best fitting premium leather kits on the market Zebra Fur For all your zebra needs Zebra Velour Cloth type zebra Cheetah Unmatched speed Secure On-line Shopping You can see by the long list of fabrics and colors we offer that we value customer service and it is greatly appreciated by our many customers. We will provide you everything you will ever need to install your seat cover. With its double duty ability, work and play have never been closer. We make custom made auto seat covers for all new cars, trucks, vans and SUVs as well as the older, more classic and vintage cars and trucks.

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We can make them appear like new at a fraction of O.E.M. burns, tears, holes, stitch repair, fading, stain removal, color restoration and panel replacement. Continued use of such products will deteriorate the appearance of your vinyl-covered boat interior. Made in the USA All of our custom seat covers are proudly made in the United States. Many after market replacements fit poorly, or don't last long. use kerosene, gasoline or acetone, as they will remove the protective marine top coat. The pores must be able to breathe, so be careful not to clog your vinyl's pores with suntan lotions, oils, etc. We only sell OEM seat covers, not second rate covers. They also refract light, blinding the on coming traffic. Save big on fees and penalties the dealers charge! We are the guys they use before they sell them on their resale lots! We "dye to match" trim for custom applications, after market, and salvage parts or other replacement parts not available in your color. Our Custom Fit Seat Covers You won’t find the selection on our anywhere else. Any auto seat cover you buy from us will be shipped to you for free. The high quality custom covers provide protection and comfort to anyone who sits in your car. This full-size pickup is as stylish on the outside as it’s handsomely designed interior. We offer saddle blanket seat covers, camouflage seat covers, canvas seat covers, Cambridge tweed, neoprene waterproof seat covers, leather like seat covers  and so much more. These solutions may appear to clean well for a time, but they clean by removing layers of finish along with the stained material on top of the finish. To back up our seat covers we offer a one year manufacturing warranty on all of our Surefit products. Treat yourself to the luxury of leather without the pain in your wallet! Crafted from top-grade vinyl, Saddleman Leatherette Seat Covers are soft and supple. Split bench seat styles and custom truck seat covers are our specialty Then, gently scrub with a small soft bristle brush. From the design process of every car seat cover or truck seat cover to the sewing floor where your custom seat covers are made by hand, every step of the manufacturing process takes place using American ingenuity and skill. We cut the fabric for every seat cover on our robotic cutting machine to ensure each piece is cut with precision and is given the utmost care when it is being sewn together. Nissan Truck Custom Seat Covers Nissan trucks are dependable and very soothing while driving Offers complete furniture auto leather and vinyl repair, plastic and vinyl repair, headlight restoration and much more. Has served our customers for over with honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship. Highly durable and long lasting, these custom seats are shipped at no charge and we’ll start working on it the day it’s ordered.  Order your Dodge truck seat covers today and enjoy your high quality seats for many years to come. Auto repair roswell ga. However, sometimes its the best or only option available. These turned out to be of great quality fabric and well they do the job. You can also buy them as a gift for your friends or family.

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Automotive Carpet: burns, tears, holes, heel pad installation, fading, red juice, coffee, soda stain removal, and dyeing. Our Custom Fit Seat Covers Our factory uses state of the art technology to take our Seat Covers from the intangible to the concrete. There are many advantages to our seat covers that are not offered anywhere else. You're complete Satisfaction is always guaranteed! Offers a complete service including the repair and dyeing of the following examples: burns, tears, holes, stitch repair, fading, stain removal, color restoration and panel replacement. You will enjoy your car seat and enjoy the value that it brings to your car. Our Ballistic cover is up to any challenge thrown at it. Our custom designs allow your seats to maintain their functionality. At Saddleman, our products are tested and we include a warranty to back our work.  Protect your seats and customize the looks to your car.  Crew cab or small bed, we have Chevy truck seat covers for you. With no maintenance required our covers are not only easy to install, but clean-up is also a breeze, with a damp cloth and a mild solution of fabric cleaner, you’ll find yourself with a clean seat cover! You cannot go wrong with the functionality of leather and the durability of vinyl all in one. Landau or Vinyl Tops: tears, burns, scratches and color restoration. Lease returns: Let us recondition your leased vehicle before you return it. If you do not see your new vehicle listed on our webpage call us and we will go the extra mile to create the custom seat cover of your choosing. By virtue of this, we are keeping people in jobs and doing our part to service our fellow Americans. Convertible Tops: tears, burns, scratches and color restoration. tears, holes, stitch repair, fading, stain removal, color restoration and panel replacement. We maintain the highest quality workmanship that can be found in the automotive industry. Rinse soap and cleaning residew off with water and then dry. Saddleman Seat Covers are tailor made to fit your vehicle specifications making installation a snap without the necessity of tools.

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Dodge epitomizes the American spirit and our are made in America, taking pride in every fabric we put on your seats.  Customize your seat covers however you want. Our design team is constantly updating our catalog with new vehicles and designs. Cleanup is just a wipe away with our waterproof lining matched with our armor like Ballistic covering. On top of that, our seat covers are easy to install and do not require extra materials to fasten or secure them. Our selection is so expansive that you’ll be left with plenty of options to fit your personality and your car. Custom fit and quality fabrics for our seat covers is paramount. Proper vinyl cleaning and maintenance increases the life of your boat interior. We use state of the art digitizing technology to make sure our custom made seat covers fit your car seat or truck seat like a glove. Saddleman Seat Covers are proudly made to order in the U. It’s your car – you should have it the way you want it. We use only the highest quality products and state of the art techniques and equipment. Whether it’s a truck or a car we have the fabric that you want. Saddleman Custom Car Seat Covers The seats in your car are important and hold as much value as the exterior of your car. Saddleman Seat Covers are proudly made to order in the USA. Made in the USA All of our seat covers are made in the United States so you can be assured of its quality. Car seat covers not only protect your car’s seats, but they make it look good, too. Our selection of auto seat covers is plentiful and will fulfill anything you want. shoe marks, seat belt dent removal, cracks, tears, burns, holes, scratches, color change, and color restoration. Tucson bmw repair.

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We offer a huge selection of styles, fabrics, colors and options. Other Marine Vinyl Cleaning Tips It is a common misconception that household bleach, chlorine based cleaners, and other strong commercial cleaning solutions are good for treating stains on vinyl-covered boat interiors. Steering wheel: scratches, tears, color restoration. Our process is state of the art and is fully guaranteed. They will extract the plasticizers in the vinyl, leave it hard and brittle, and eventually cracking may occur. Our quality custom seat covers stand above the rest.

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