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When service is needed everything is explained fully and a timetable suggested for best results. Their customer service is great - they explain exactly what work is needed, and the time frame it would take to complete. They help people like myself who are not real savvy about car maintenance and mechanics. They were professional, prompt and moreover, I felt they were trustworthy. About twice a year I take the car in for general service/maintenance, especially before taking a long road trip. You will not be disappointed!" on : "Brach's took care of my emission control issue on my Jeep. Just like with windshield replacement, with windshield repair we will come to your office or home and complete all the work there. Take time to warm your vehicle up before dropping it in gear and driving. We are conveniently located in the Multnomah and Clackamas counties for your service and maintenance needs. I can honestly say, I can't believe I'm driving this car. Integrity, let me say that again INTEGRITY is so important to me as a woman and car owner and extremely difficult to find when it comes to having my auto serviced. Thanks again Tom" from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Brachs's is a great place to come for ongoing maintenance for your vehicle. Tom evaluated the whole car, pointed out potential problems, indicated the cost of each item with no pressure to have it done there. I don't feel as if I am being mislead about the repairs and they have always stood by their work. They are friendly, honest and discuss the reasons for the work they recommend.

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My family entrusts its vehicles to no one else - not even the car dealerships where we made the purchases! Can't ask for more." on : "The mechanics at Brach's know their business.

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No one looks forward to taking their car in, but the fact that I know I will be dealing with Brach's makes the experience much more positive.It's hard to find an honest and skilled mechanic you can trust. I trust them completely" from Orland Pk., IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Detailed explanation of necessary repairs, quick response and delivered when promised." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Unparalleled customer service. I trust the they will make sure the I will be driving a safe car; which I think is what we all want.

Don’t delay in having your vehicle looked at when you notice signs of a transmission issue. Never disappointed with the quality of work done to my vehicles. Then there is Tom at the front desk who always very helpful and answers any and all of my questions. Excellent service is what we're known for, so you receive timely responses from motivated technicians Pin It Share A transmission can be easy to maintain, but terribly pricey to replace. We take care of all the billing for your windshield repair or replacement! Fleet, Government and Commercial Accounts We work with fleet and commercial accounts in the greater Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas and much of the state of Oregon and Washington. Talk with automotive experts regarding the most practical options for your specific vehicle. This helps me plan and keep my car in good condition." on : "Tom is well knowelegable" from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Best place to go.

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I trust Brach's with my current car and will continue to give them my future business." on : "I have been using Brachs Auto for a couple of years now & the experience has been A+. from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I tell people that I trust your judgement implicitly. Think twice before offering to tow or haul vehicles or other heavy loads with your vehicle. In addition, Tom explain some aspects to look for for future and gave me information to follow-up with if it became necessary for adjustments or follow-up work. The mechanics are top-flight and the service is reliable and friendly. There are no questions asked if I have to bring the car back for any reason." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I do suggest Brachs auto for repairs. We use quality automotive products backed by a nationwide worry free driving warranty. The have services both Jeeps and I would recommend tem to anyone. Likewise, when driving an automatic, be sure that you are in the recommended “drive” mode before heading out. Brach's warranties their work and offers FREE inspections of your car at every oil change as well as FREE inspections for potential used cars before a purchase is made." on : "Everyone needs a mechanic, a hairdresser and a plumber. When switching from first to reverse or vice versa make sure you come to a complete stop before shifting in and out of gear. BUT THE GUSY AT BRACHS KEEP AT IT.DEFFENT IS NOT A OPNTION. I have always found them to be honest and trustworthy. Very glad that we found you guys!! Keep up the good work!" from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "I would say that the service is excellent. We work with many types of businesses, including automotive shops, auto body shops, laser cutting services, machine shops, coffee roasters, wood and cabinet shops, and many others. Make sure before you let someone else drive, they know what their doing. They provide great work and service!" from Oak Lawn, IL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "I Would tell them I've never had a bad experience. Toyota repair manuals. Also that they take the time to explain what is happening to your car.

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on : "You can trust them, and their work is outstanding." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Very helpful and quite knowledgable" on : "I would say that the shop is honest and reasonably priced. Thanks for making me feel safe for the coming winter weather. My only recommendation is that Gary regrow his mustache. I receive excellent customer service by phone and in person. They are honest and can be trusted.They have always completed every job, whether small or large, quickly and correctly, and provided a through explanation of what was done and why. most of the time you get the car back by the end of the day. I have recommended Brachs to several friends." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I always recommend Brachs. I followed her and to my shock -- a lamp post in my work parking lot, fell on my car, and right away I knew my car was totaled. Excellent business & & personal customer care family of real people who are experts in their field. Thank GARY AND TOM" from Blue Island, IL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "How courteous, knowledgeable and accommodating they are. I just love this place." on : "I've had just about every part in my Dodge Caravan replaced or repaired there. There are no unnecessary charges and they stand behind their warranties.

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They also have this great new computerized system that will give you more detailed information about your vehicle's issue that they will email to you." on : "Your shop came highly recommended from friends who have done business with you for years. The team at Brachs has that quality in the highest degree.

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Service Advisor Tom was awesome of explaining what needed to be done to my vehicle. The service is wonderful and I've learn so much about how my car and what it needs. Honest, informed and dedicated to treat you like family describes Brachs Auto Center." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Brachs does excellent work and that they stand by their work." Louis Flowers, J. Tom is very friendly and always does a great job explaining what is wrong with the car.what repairs are priority vs which ones can wait." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Trustworthy. Making an appointment to get my car repaired has never been an issue. I trust them implicitly and my family has been a patron of Brachs for over a decade. If your damage can be solved by repairing your windshield, the results will be just like the chip or crack never happened. From the very first time I called Brach's for service, their professionalism and friendly demeanor made me very comfortable about continuing to do business with them and recommending them to others. Stevenson auto repair. It isn't everyday that one can find a business that is dedicated to the customer and will stand by any repair performed. I just love it - and know without Tom's help it wouldn't have been possible !! Not only did I get more money for my Camry than I expected, but I'm once again driving a reliable, safe vehicle. You can trust that your car will be taken care of without feeling like you are paying to much.

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We stand on sound business principals and up hold high ethical standards. Straight shooters who are very knowledgeable, give great service in a very fair and professional manner. Great customer service and great work!" on : "Thorough, goes the extra effort to provide the best service, informed me of recall and other manufacturer issues related to the mechanics of my car." Veronica H. Failure to promptly address these concerns could result in a far more serious and costly problem. They have always gotten me in, even if it was at last minute. Your vehicle represents so much more than just a source of transportation. They've worked on my Nissan for several years now and I've been happy with the service and price every time. They are timely - we have rarely had a repair take more than a day which is extremely helpful! Also they are very honest and upfront about estimates, only repairing what you approve. I wish the worked on motorcycles." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Brachs runs a very professional shop and Tom was very engaging and informative. Tom, the manager, offers a detailed explanation of the problem, what causes the problem, ramifications if left unresolved and recommendations for a solution with an emphasis on safety and cost effectiveness. This might include a strange smell, grinding when shifting gears, or an unusual sound. If you don't have a mechanic, then you need to meet Tom and Gary at Brach's Auto Center. The most effective products and friction modifying additives are available at K&M Auto Service and we encourage our customers to take advantage of these transmission additives, as they can often extend the life of a transmission and save you a lot of money down the road. We have several Auto Repair Shops in Portland and one located in Gresham. We truly understand the sentimental value you have with your car, and therefore we will give your car exceptional care! We work with all major insurance companies to handle your windshield repair or replacement claim and we are bonded and insured. Discovery Auto Glass Replaces and Repairs windshields in much of the state of Oregon and Southern Washington from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Extremely trustworthy, reasonable and reliable! Would not take my vehicles anywhere else." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I would highly recommend Brachs Auto Center. They have taken excellent care of my auto and are honest. The work on our cars has always been done well, promptly, and with a full explanation of the need for the repair. THEY ARE VERY EXSOPERNT AND POLLITE IN EVERY WAY.MY NANE IS JOHN FOLDEN MY CARS NAMES I S LADY IN REDTHANK AGAINJOH" from Chiacgo, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I would recommend Brach's highly. They do excellent work and get you out as soon as possible. There are some great products on the automotive market that can significantly increase the life of your transmission, and improve the performance of your vehicle. All issues with the vehicle are explained in detail, everybody is courteous and the prices are fair." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I have nothing but good things to say about Brach's. from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Good quality proffesional service." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Go to Brachs if you need service and your car is no longer under warranty. If no one in your family runs a shop, go to Brachs and become part of their family.

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