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They are amazing! Anna was extremely helpful in getting me taken care of. David went above and beyond for me during my auto accident to make sure I would be safe to drive my car. Convenient." on : "The staff is very friendly and professional, I would highly recommend anyone to service there car at Universal" on : "Excellent service" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Exceptional service.

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Some people do not realize that the cost of repairing your windshield is often fully covered by their insurance company. David has earned my trust with his high quality work and honesty. I am very happy.Lauren H.Normally 'quick and quality' don't go hand in hand but here you will find quick and efficient windshield work and quality not easily found. They keep you informed on the status of your vehicle. Universal Auto will not add too much on your plate that you can not afford.

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Mechanic made sure to involve me in the diagnostic and showed me the official issue.

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If you have comprehensive coverage with your insurance company, it is most likely your windshield can be repaired for nothing. Very friendly." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I would say it's the best service I have ever had in my life.

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Rojas explained everything to me and was so very nice. It is very hard to find a good honest mechanic." on : "They were great!" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "The customer service is excellent. I am so glad that I found this place and I will be back! Thank you so much Universal!" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "My first impression came when I heard David speaking with another customer.

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The work is done right, at a fair price and only the work that needs to be done is recommended." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Very honest and reliable work!" Shelby Craig G. The staff at Universal Auto Center is very professional and well trained. I can count on Rojas to only service my vehicle for what is needed. I liked his vibe and attitude right off the bat." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "They take care of vehicle,and treat you like family." on : "Friendly professional service. Dependable and Trustworthy." from Richmond, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Go. on : "The quality of work is outstanding and the pricing is extremely fair. The only area that needs improvement is returning calls to provide status information. The only window on your car that can just be repaired is your windshield, so if that is all you need we can do that too. They are very fair and honest and provide great work." from on : "I had to take the time to write this review because I have honestly never been as happy with a repair shop as I was with this one. Highly recommended!" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Fair prices for good service." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Highly recommend. Some costs might have to be paid by the policy holder like any deductible.  We strive to exceed our competitors Click here to learn about our Russell Wilson autographed football giveaway! The Instant Estimator system assesses and costs your cosmetic auto body and paint damage automatically in an easy-to-use process. He runs an honest business." on : "A Honest auto repair shop!! One in a million and David is there to back up each reapair. - Jason Q.I'm always stressed about a windshield glass repair shop charging me extra because I don't know much about cars and such but the team were very honest and upfront about the needed repairs and prices. I have walked away from many service center's because of outrageous estimates, but I stayed with Universal. I now have a rebuilt car that runs great and is guaranteed with every part. All I have to say is bye-bye dealership service center's! !" on : "The work required was quickly booked in and done within the hour. UAC has highly skilled and customer service oriented staff, especially the owner David Rojas." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Very trustworthy, always know they will do the right thing." on : "Best and honest shop in town" on : "Warm and caring. The staff is well trained with state of the art service equipment. Rojas seemed very honest with his work and in explaining what was wrong with my vehicle." from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I was given a quote MUCH lower than a few other shops. Owner committed to help and serve people." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "I would recommend them." on : "They are the best." from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Very professional and Mr. This all being said, it is a paramount disruption for something to get in the way of this luxury. Makes every effort to complete repairs as soon as possible. Visit after visit I grow in appreciation." on : "The owner is fair, has a loyal customer base and has hardly ever any change of staff. David's team is honest and trustworthy which is not easy to find in the marketplace. Now check out our extensive array of customer reviews:Excellent service. He mentioned that they work to identify the problem and then see how best to fix it, not just throw new parts at the problem. Best auto shop in town." on : "Excellent service at a reasonable price and a friendly, knowledgeable owner." on : "Very happy with all work done. Patient and understanding with explaining problems to someone who has little knowledge of auto maintenance. No place else dose my car go!Thanks!!" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Very professional, elaborate with details and procedure, had a wide variety of services, and great for the price." on : "I would say that the minute I walked into the shop, I felt very welcome there. Also, the company stands behind the quality of work they provide and they highly value their customers." Patricia T Welcome to Plano Auto Glass Repair, the best auto glass service around Allen, Frisco, Richardson, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Addison, The Colony, Irving, Lewisville and Dallas! We replace any of the glass that is on your automobile. Real nice place for mt first visit" from Tomball, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Universal Auto Center is a hidden gem. Garcia auto repair. To a large extent, it has changed how people live their lives through several generations. Call or stop by your nearest location today to schedule an appointment.

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Wait with your vehicle in our comfortable waiting area, or take advantage of our after hours key drop. The only way to know for sure is to call your insurance company.

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The staff is always helpful and courteous" on : "The service was fast the waiting area was very clean and restroom. The owner is such a friendly guy, & everyone made me feel comfortable leaving my car there." from Houston, TX on : "Convenient. This is my automotive repair home now and for as long as I live in Houston." on : "Very nice people. The owner has great rapport with his customers, knowledgeable, helpful & he's very informative when updating you on the status of your vehicle. His staff is great and have worked with nim for years. from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I highly recommend Universal Auto David is wonderful, I was debating buying a new car or rebuilding my paid off car, David quoted me a price and stuck with it even when more work was discovered.

We are local and affordable! Driving, vehicles and transportation are some of the major conveniences of the modern world. Plano Auto Glass Repair is the awesome place I wanted to fix my car! - John B.I used to work for an auto shop and I am always wary of con artists but at Plano Auto Glass,I found seamless work with high quality employees. Not only that, Instant Estimator also connects you to authorized auto body repair facilities in your area Bring your vehicle to us when you need an oil change, brake repair, differential repair, engine diagnostic, provincial inspections or transmission repairs. Highly recommend!" from Houston, TX, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "All repairs fixed right the first time

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