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Their leather re-dyeing techniques are outstanding. I had someone come out and attempt to repair it but it was a horrible job and unacceptable. When we repair a regulator, we apply an avionic style repair of stainless steel, aluminum and brass, to the weakest areas. Every part is quality controlled and inspected the minute that it leaves our build room. Our network of mobile technicians have branched out to cover all metropolitan and rural areas therefore ensuring speedy response times while offering a competitively priced outcome. They totally replaced the leather hide panels that were ripped on the couches, matched the colours of the hide and the texture so well that nobody can tell the difference now. The car interior looks like new! My husband even took a flash light to it to try to find where it had been repaired and could not find anything. He repaired my leather sofa and love seat to a "new" condition! The job was done so professionally there is NO evidence they had been repaired! I highly recommend Fibrenew and their technicians. When the chair was returned to me, I was so amazed and thrilled with the results! I could not believe my eyes!! I thought the chair was beyond repair. I am very impressed and will share his information with my friends into collector cars. Dandeneau, Boca Raton, FLWhen we contacted Fibrenew, we were doubtful that the holes and scrapes in our white leather Danish sofa and lounge chair could be repaired. He sent a letter to the insurance company on our behalf which helped to expedite the claim and reduced the usual anxiety associated with insurance claims. We strongly recommend Fibrenew for work such as we had done to our Piper Navajo Chieftain.

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After shopping everywhere, not only could we not find anything comparable, but it was hugely expensive. In an attempt to remove the marks, I also removed the surface of the leather seat. They responded quickly to my inquiry, made a trip to our rural location, did a great job, & had the whole process completed quickly - for the stated price quote. I had a problem with a customer who had a stain on his car seat and the Technician drove to the customers home and corrected the problem, and even did a return trip for a little extra touchup that kept my customer very happy. Both my wife and I were fairly sure we were going to have to either put up with the scratches or pay a huge amount of money to have them re-upholstered. My wife called Fibrenew and they came out, looked at the sofa and stated they could repair it. Fibrenew was able to peel off what was left of the first repair and they carefully and professionally repaired our expensive leather sofa. There was some discolouration of the seat and gear shift. Boy was I amazed at the wonderful job Fibrenew did! Not only does our leather sectional look brand new, but the color is perfect. We set up a time and date and the Technician was on time and the job completed within the quoted price. The next time you encounter this type of claim, Fibrenew gives you the alternative to reupholstering and saves greatly on replacement cost.Dale Ittas, Atlas Van LinesOur six dining chairs were blue leather and we changed our colour scheme. Any repair required to the interior of our cars, be it scuff, a rip, a crack or tear is referred to Fibrenew. is a Calgary, Alberta based operator of light aircraft for business charter. Auto repair knightdale nc. Mechanical tachometers may be converted to electric for vehicles with modern engines and updated distributors As our reputation grew we expanded into the private sector. For several years, they have been performing touch-ups on leather components in our executive fleet of aircraft with superior craftsmanship.Denis Cyr, Montreal, QCBombardierI can't believe the amazing repair Fibrenew was able to do on my leather couch.

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I have no hesitation in recommending this professional superior service to all Motor Vehicle Franchise Holders.Coombes Johnston European Ltd.BMW, Rover, Land RoverThe Technician did a miraculous job with the leather seats in my Volvo convertible. I was dubious that anything could be done, but upon a recommendation we called Fibrenew. Their technician was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

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He did an excellent job, he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He came to my home and finished all four seats in an afternoon; I was so impressed!Tori Chester, Colorado Springs, COThe Fibrenew Technician restored the leather on the drivers seat of my car and unless one knew, you can not tell his finished work from the rest of the leather interior. I highly recommend Fibrenew for any job and will definitely use them again.

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While I was confident that my insurance would take care of this I was very concerned about matching the existing color of the siding if they were going to replace a few pieces of the siding. Due to the amount of equipment and the profile of the course, if is very important to keep all of the equipment in the best shape possible.

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My husband and I were shocked at how well these two couches turned out. I contacted Fibrenew and was put in touch with my local Franchise and the Technician came out to my house and repaired the damage.

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This saved having to order and install expensive replacement parts. This chair had bad mildew damage which was a result of improper packing, shipping and storage methods by a well known overseas company. When the rest of my family saw it, they too were as impressed as I was. Thank youMartin Ingham, Mulmur, ONI have used Fibrenew to fix the recliners on my couch twice, as well as having them fix another sofa. I would recommend Fibrenew to any one who needs some car or furniture leather repairs. They use odor free, fast bonding latex dyes which dry in minutes. What a surprise I received when you showed up on my doorstep with couches in tow. In this time we have used a variety of companies Australia wide to service our customer problems. We are very pleased!Mark & Cheryl Lupul, Edmonton, ABThe Technician we had was amazing; he was friendly and professional. From our experience, we have found Fibrenew to be the benchmark for service, cleaning standards and business practices.

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Our badly faded sofa & love seat look brand new now. The holes and scrapes had disappeared like magic without reupholstering. Very Impressive, thanks so much.Todd Stetson, Columbia, SCWanted to compliment one of your Technicians. The Technician took the time to explain the repair work required, our choices and the steps to completing the work. The quality of the work that was done, surpassed our expectations. I looked at replacing the parts, but Fibrenew has done such a great job the finished result is just like new! It is great to know there is a place that can repair these types of problems. They explain and point out everything that is broken and needs repair, they use quality materials, and their services are very fairly priced. They are just fantastic - a quarter of the price of recovering and we are delighted with the end result. I left a remote control on my leather couch and the batteries leaked acid out creating a very large hole in the cushion. We are very pleased & highly recommend him and his work.Sue N., Zanesfield OHI contacted Fibrenew after virtually destroying the finish on one of the leather rear seats of my car. As such, our customers have come to expect flawless aircraft. When the technicians  returned the chair to me, I was so amazed and thrilled with the results! I could not believe my eyes!! I thought the chair was beyond repair. Not only do I refer warranty work to Fibrenew.I also use their service to rejuvenate the interiors of vehicles I bring in on trade and sell as used.

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