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When the joint is new, the balls fit tightly into the cage windows. The outboard joints are the ones that make a clicking sound when they go bad. Inside the joint are six steel balls, positioned in grooves between an inner race and an outer housing. Either way, a damaged boot is bad news for the joint. The seam must not have any grease smeared on it and the glue must be applied carefully for a good seal. But as the joint accumulates miles, the cage windows become worn and allow the balls to rattle around. Teen Driver - Free Associate Membership Theme Parks & Attractions Discounts & Dollars We know that breakdowns are inconvenient, so our courteous, professional roadside technicians will be there to help, day or night.

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The balls are held in position by a cage that looks something like a wide bracelet with windows or slots cut in it. But when the wheels are turned to either side, the joint bends causing the balls to click as they slide around in their cage windows and grooves. But a joint can fail prematurely if the rubber boot that surrounds it is damaged or develops a leak. Original equipment boots are a one-piece design, which means the driveshaft and CV joint have to be removed from the vehicle and disassembled to replace a bad boot.

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Once the boot seal is broken, the inside grease quickly leaks out. Boots can also be damaged by road hazards or a careless tow truck operator who uses J-hooks to tow your vehicle.

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If a clamp is loose and the boot is leaking grease at one end, the clamp needs to be replaced. However, there are aftermarket "split-boots" designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. Get AAA news, special deals, travel ideas and more delivered to your inbox Teen Driver - Free Associate Membership Theme Parks & Attractions Discounts & Dollars Your car has four such joints on the two front axles: two inboard joints and two outboard joints.

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The split-boots eliminate the need to remove and disassemble the joint and driveshaft. Get Started Other Popular Links: Gas Prices » Roadside Assistance » Approved Auto Repair » Battery Replacement » Auto Buying » Tweets by @AAAauto Automotive Services In addition to Emergency Road Service, AAA can help you find a reputable repair shop, test and replace your battery, and more. AAA Member Rewards Visa Credit Card Get the only credit card designed with AAA members in mind.

The noise is usually loudest when backing up with the wheels turned. The grooves in the inner race and outer housing also wear, which further contributes to noise. If the joint locks up, it can prevent the wheels from being turned.

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By the time a damaged or leaky boot is noticed, the joint has usually lost most of its grease and/or been contaminated by dirt. 2006 jeep grand cherokee repair manual.

Get the AAA Mobile App On-the-go access to the AAA services you trust. Auto body repair santa cruz. Most split-boots have a seam that is glued together.

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