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Save the removal keys in case you decide to remove your radio later and reinstall the factory radio. Santa cruz auto repair madera ca. Some applications include leaf springs with steel encased rubber bushings. Each spring is preset using hydraulic stress to reduce fatigue in the steel and prevent sagging. We opted for the license plate relocation kit, which places your tag in the center of the spare tire. There is even a light kit provided so you can be legal in states that require the plate to be illuminated. ARB’s bumper brackets make use of existing pockets in the Unitbody as well as getting a few new holes for added support. Maybe our only complaint about the tire carrier is that it sets the wheel farther away from the vehicle that we would like.

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New rear sway bar links are also included as well as front and rear bump stop extension. BDS coil springs are designed to withstand full coil bind. Tapered and roll-pointed leaves add flexibility and provides an even deflection rate. To install the Hanson sliders, we first had to drill and mount the lower braces to the pinch weld of the Jeep. Fortunately, our new rear bumper takes place of the rusty and cracked factory piece. We especially like that the sliders don’t rob the Grand of much ground clearance. Doing this will ensure you do not do damage to yourself, the new radio, or your vehicle.

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Tapering allows a smoother transition between leaves as compression takes place, resulting in a softer ride with increased wheel travel. We were impressed with the quality, so we struck a deal and decided to make them part of our build. Now is a good time to attach your winch leads and route your wires.

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Having the ability to hold and examine a product in hand versus online is something we wish we could do all the time. Each ZJ rear bumper includes an integrated Class II receiver, CB antenna mount, horizontal Hi-Lift Jack mount with padlock provisions, and two D-ring shackle mounts. Tire & Wheel Combinations Stock w/Stock and Stock back spacing *Trimming may be required* Est. Another bonus was the ability to opt for the company’s gas tank skidplate. In other words, you can smash our coils to totally flat and they will return to their original height. Place the mounting sleeve that came with your new radio into the plastic mounting adapter kit until the metal meets the plastic. As is the case with the bumper, the gas tank skid comes already fitted with a black powdercoat finish. Pull the factory radio out of your Jeep's dashboard, and disconnect the black and gray wiring harnesses, radio ground wire, and AM/FM radio antenna from the back of the factory radio. Carlsbad auto repair. We also ditched the sketchy trailer wiring addition that the previous owner added. Front anti-sway bar links are included to return your sway bar to factory angles and function. This is important to prevent damage to the Jeep’s overly delectate electrical system.

A new adjustable front track bar is included to properly center the front axle. With the front of the Jeep squared away, we turned our attention to the back.

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If your Jeep does not have the factory Infinity Gold premium sound system, then cut off the bare end of the blue remote amplifier turn-on wires. Be sure to look for future articles on the Grand in our sister magazines Four Wheeler and JP. We will play with this more once we get the Jeep out on the trail. For the ground connection, crimp a metal spade to the ground connection on the factory wiring harness adapter and connect that wire to the factory ground wire so it makes a secure connection. In addition to being more robust and stylish, the ARB bumper increases the approach angle of the Jeep as well. If you do not have a metal spade, cut off the metal spade on the factory ground wire and connect that wire directly to the ground connection on the factory wiring harness adapter and hold it in place with electrical tape. With your hands, gently pry off the wooden bezel surrounding the vehicle lighting control panel. As is the case with the front, there are actually quite a few bumper options for the ZJ. The kit also includes a front and rear track bar relocation brackets to properly center the axles. Bolt-style leaf alignment clamps prevent leaves from fanning out and allow the leaves to twist and flex, yielding higher articulation. The plus side to the carrier offset is that you could likely put a factory wheel outback without any troubles. As you can probably guess, this isn’t the end of the line for the Adventure Grand. Connect the gray and black wiring harnesses on the factory wiring harness adapter to the gray and black wiring harnesses from your Jeep's dashboard until they secure into place. Once the holes were drilled, we used a nutsert tool to secure the inserts. The rear track bar is relocated with a relocation bracket. Buying American ensures that you are getting quality products made from quality materials. The fact that the bumper comes already powdercoated was a major bonus. We found it to be one of the better setups that combined form and function. Connect the wiring harness that came with your new radio to the connection on the back of your new radio until it is securely in place.

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Place the wooden bezel around the HVAC controls and vehicle wiper and heated seat control and push gently to secure it in place If you are the original purchaser of any BDS lift kit and it breaks, we will give you a new part. Use the removal keys that came with your new radio to remove your new radio from its metal mounting sleeve. This is a very important step, as not doing so may cause damage to yourself, your vehicle, or the new radio, and may cause fuses to blow in the process. The two lower D-ring mounts will also make pulling ourselves or others out quickly when we don’t need to use the winch. Another set of hands to keep the bumper steady makes this process much easier

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